5 Epic Travels Expanding the Limits of Modern Tourism




There’s nothing better than traveling somewhere new and seeing more of the huge, varied world we live in. Tourism has always been a massive industry, and it’s constantly growing and evolving. If you’re keen to do some traveling, the choices are endless.

But instead of hopping on a plane to popular cities that attract loads of other tourists, why not do something different? Here are 5 epic travel ideas that are well worth considering. Let’s have a look!

Wellness Trips in South Africa

Many of us spend more time staring at screens, whether on TVs, computers, phones, or something else. We use devices for work and leisure — lots of us play games at online casino sites, for example, to have fun and hopefully make a profit using a 25 chip at slotozilla.com. While screen-based activities can be worthwhile, switching off can be very beneficial.

Wellness trips focus on improving your well-being, boosting your confidence, and making you feel better all-round. You might think these trips involve staying at spa resorts and similar places, but they don’t have to. A wellness trip can be about thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime activities and experiences.

For example, if you pick South Africa, you could do things such as helicopter tours across the plains, immersive safari expeditions, or even paragliding experiences. These might not necessarily be relaxing, but they can greatly benefit your mind and make you feel great.

Interrailing Throughout Europe

Interrailing makes traveling from one European country to the next incredibly easy. With an Interrail pass (or a Eurail pass if you live outside of Europe), you’ll have unlimited rail travel in 33 European countries for a limited amount of time. Pay once, and you can hop on trains whenever you like.

What’s great about the Interrail pass is that it’s suitable for planned and more spontaneous, impulsive trips. With 33 countries participating in the scheme, your travels throughout Europe can be inspirational and unforgettable. There are two main types of pass you can purchase:

  • Interrail Global Pass: This pass lets you travel throughout 33 countries.
  • Interrail One Country Pass: If you only plan on visiting one country, this pass is for you.

Whichever pass you choose, you’re sure to have a great time. Discover Europe’s rich culture, heritage, and traditions, experience incredible attractions, and see breathtaking scenery. Go for the Interrail Global Pass and have an incredible trip exploring as many European countries as possible.

Travel to One of the Poles

If you really want a unique travel experience, visit one of the planet’s two poles. Trips to either the North Pole or the South Pole can be costly and involve plenty of organization and pre-planning, but the experience is incredibly rewarding.

To visit the North or South Pole, you’ll have to make arrangements with a travel company that specializes in tours to the Pole you want to visit. Of all the many places you can visit, the northern and southern tips are something else. With their icy landscapes and freezing temperatures, they’re not suitable for everyone. But having said that, those who venture to the poles find the experience well worth the effort.

Experiential Travel Wherever You Like

Also known as experience tourism, this is where you visit a place and engage with it in an authentic, genuine way. Instead of booking a hotel room, you arrange to stay with a local family. Instead of filling your day with trips to the biggest tourist hotspots that everyone else is visiting, you connect with the place’s culture, history, and traditions on a deeper level.

A local guide shows you what most other tourists miss. They show you places off the beaten path to eat, drink, and shop. Plus, they point out attractions and sites of interest that aren’t necessarily found in the latest tourist brochures. The aim of experiential travel is to get to know a place and its people for what they’re really like.

Does this sound appealing to you? If you like the idea of connecting with a destination and getting to know what it’s really like, there’s no single place you have to go. Wherever you decide to go, you can easily connect with it authentically.

Active Ecotourism in South America

A growing trend in the travel industry is ecotourism. In this type of tourism, you visit natural environments that are often threatened, and you get there using responsible travel methods. While there, you support all manner of conservation efforts and perhaps even contribute by working alongside locals on various projects. The aim is to make a meaningful contribution to the area in a responsible and respectful way.

Countless places around the world are ideal for ecotourists. If you’re thinking of planning an ecotourism holiday, South America is a great option. You can do all sorts of things here that are focused on nature and supporting the local community.

  • You can visit the Galapagos Islands and see some of its diverse wildlife or go whitewater rafting in the lush jungles of Costa Rica.
  • You can visit Tayrona National Park in Colombia and see some of the country’s most impressive natural features — or better yet, book an overnight stay at the campsite.
  • If you have Argentina in mind, make sure you swing by Tierra del Fuego National Park, famed for its dramatic coastline and pristine landscapes.

Get Out There and See the World!

These are just a few ways to have a truly memorable travel experience. The next time you book a trip, think about one of the options we’ve listed, or better yet, plan an exciting, unpredictable trip of your own. Whatever you do, make sure it’s worthwhile and enjoyable.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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