5 Fun and Effective Language Acquisition Games for Kids




Make language learning fun for kids with these five effective language acquisition games. Enhance their vocabulary and language skills through play.

Though children learn to communicate long before speaking their first words, language development is an important skill. It allows kids’ learning to get easier over time and helps them gain the self-expression they need to succeed in life.

Interactive activities make language development easier for kids of all ages. Read on to learn some language acquisition games to make childhood development fast and fun.

1. Name That Item

If you’re trying to help a very young child learn language skills, ‘name that item’ is a great game. You can do this easily at home by pointing to household objects and asking your child to name them.

If you prefer, you can also get a workbook or smartphone app that offers a word and a bunch of pictures of various objects. Your child can read the word (or have it spoken to them aloud) and circle the corresponding image it refers to.

This is a great way for kids to expand their vocabulary by learning more nouns.

2. Sing-Alongs

Studies show that music makes things memorable for both children and adults. This is because it inspires strong emotions.

But simple songs are also earworms that help kids remember lyrics. When these lyrics are language-related facts or tricks, they can help with language skills.

Tongue twisters can also help kids with pronunciation and speech to make them talk more clearly and understandably.

3. Matching Language Acquisition Games

If your child is learning multiple languages, matching games are a great way to help them make interlingual connections. You can put English words on one side of a sheet of paper and the same words on the other side in the target language.

Have your child draw lines between the words to match them. You can also easily do this on index cards. Write every word in both languages on flashcards and have your child set the cards aside in matching pairs.

This helps kids learn how to say various nouns and verbs in multiple tongues.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a smartphone app that specializes in multilingual acquisition. It understands the benefits of gamification in language learning well and creates interactive activities that both children and adults can use to learn languages better.

From matching games to sentence structures to speaking into a microphone, children can learn in lots of ways from this app. Plus, there are dozens of languages to choose from, so your kid can learn anything they’re passionate about.

5. Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a two-person game that can help you bond with your child. Think of an object, place, or person. Have your kid ask yes or no questions and answer them until they’re able to correctly guess what you’re thinking of.

This is great because it lets your child learn while speaking. It is also extremely interactive and helps children form questions. Whether your child is trying to learn English or a second language, this game can help them remember nouns while playing fun games.

Make Language Development Easier

Now that you know some great language acquisition games for kids, it’s time to begin helping your child develop communication skills through interactive activities.

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