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Canada is truly a huge country with incredible scenery, perfect for hiking and camping. It’s no surprise that this part of North America is a favourite among many enthusiasts and travellers, as outdoor camping in Canada is the best way to have a great time with friends or family while admiring the beauty of nature.

Canada has long been known as a tourist paradise. Only a quarter of the country is inhabited. This means that there are plenty of interesting locations where you could set up your camp. All you need to do is find the area you would like to visit, collect your equipment and get a reliable 4-season tent for 2 person to feel safe and comfortable regardless of the weather.

When travelling in Canada, you may want to stay near a mountain lake, lush pine forest, or spectacular rock formations. From the scenic countryside of Ontario to the most popular campgrounds in British Columbia, you can find your spot to connect with nature at Canada’s many available campgrounds and parks.

Spending the night in the mountains and forests, near beautiful lakes, and sleeping under the stars is the ideal way to take a break from routine, find peace and gain new experiences. Whether you dream of a resort with all the amenities, or you prefer primitive sites surrounded by wilderness, in Canada, you will easily find a place that you will definitely like!

1. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo is a relatively small provincial park. However, this place is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Ontario.There are several lakes and many hiking trails available for visitors to explore, making the park an excellent destination if you enjoy hiking as well as water activities such as boating.

When planning a trip to Bon Echo, you can camp at one of more than 500 sites, 200 of which have electricity. In addition, there are also nearby sites where you can combine camping with canoeing and 20 roofed accommodations if comfort is your priority.

On hot summer days, you can spend time at the three beaches, swimming in the water and enjoying the surrounding nature of Bon Echo Park.

Among the main features of the provincial park is Mazinaw Rock. It is 1.5 kilometres long and 100 meters high, presenting an impressive sight and creating stunning scenery.

2. Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial Park is located near Georgian Bay in central Ontario. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Parry Sound.The park has an excellent campground at the entrance to Lake George.

This is a quiet family campsite with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. In summer, visitors can spend time on the beach and enjoy several trails. In winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding or hiking while admiring the charm of winter nature.

In addition, Killarney is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can paddle board a surfboard or explore the backcountry on a hike. You can also rent a canoe and explore more than 40 interconnected lakes.

This nearly 700 square kilometre Provincial Park is home to numerous sparkling quartzite ridges, pink granite, the inspiring Georgian Bay coastline, as well as lush forests and over 50 crystal lakes that are so clear you can even see the bottom! All this makes Killarney Provincial Park one of the best spots for camping in Ontario.

3. Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park is a stunning reserve covering over 500 square kilometres located in British Columbia. This park is made up of three distinct regions: Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail.

Visitors can enjoy some truly admiring views here, featuring a mountainous landscape on the Pacific coast that has steep elevations and moderate rainfall.

The place is accessible to visitors in different seasons. Therefore, you can plan your trip whenever you want. Pack your winter hiking gear and watch the winter breakers hit the rocky shore, or wait until the warmer months and take a summer stroll along the endless sandy beach.

While staying at the park, you can also go canoeing or communicate with an Indigenous ranger.Pacific Rim National Park is a scenic getaway that combines nature and history with West Coast flavour, making it worth visiting at least once!

4. Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Situated just over 80 miles from Calgary on the Canadian Rockies, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park offers a variety of camping opportunities and breathtaking mountain views. High altitudes, pristine lakes, green valleys, and glacial rivers make this provincial park a place of contrasts and a great destination to connect with nature.

Staying here you can enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, and fishing near the Kananaskis Lakes. In addition, in winter, visitors have access to a special system of park trails where they can go skiing. In the summer, hundreds of kilometres of hiking and educational routes, as well as paved bicycle paths, await visitors.

When you camp at Peter Lougheed, you’ll find the best hiking and camping opportunities in the Canadian Rockies.If you’re an angler, try your luck on the lakes fishing for cutthroat trout and bull trout.

5. Alice Lake Provincial Park

This provincial park is located approximately 13 km north of Squamish and 70 km north of the Lions Gate Bridge in North Vancouver.Alice Lake is a popular destination for many travellers. In addition, this spot can be safely called a family park where you can have a good rest with your family and children.

The park is surrounded by high mountains and dense forests, and its landscape is represented by grassy areas. There are also four lakes here, so if you’re looking for a great spot to camp, swim or fish, then Alice Lake is worth adding to your travel bucket list.

Besides water activities, the trail around Lake Alice is a popular option for evening strolls, and adventure seekers will love the Four Lakes Trail. The DeBeck Hill Trail offers stunning views of the Squamish River and Tantalus Range.

The landscape diversity and comfort that Alice Lake Provincial Park has to offer are good reasons to visit this place!

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