7 Cool Ways to Customize Your Mac




Did you know that by tweaking some of the settings on your Mac you can change its look and feel? You can customize it according to your personal preferences. You can use third-party apps to do this but Mac has in-built tools you can use to customize the macOS.

1. Get a better-looking dock

Your Mac customization may involve decluttering and personalizing the Dock. Go to System Settings>Desktop & Dock. Drag an icon from the Dock until Remove appears above it and let it go. You can remove apps you rarely use. Drag apps you use often from the Applications folder so you can access them quickly. While hovering with the cursor you can reposition the Dock, resize icons, and set them to magnify.

2. Change the scrolling direction

The default scrolling direction on a Mac is set to Natural. This moves the contents of the window in the same direction as your fingers. This is much like swiping up to scroll down on a touchscreen. The default setting can be frustrating if you’re used to using Windows. You may want to know how to invert scrolling on Mac.

Changing the Mac scroll direction is easy. Click on the Apple logo, go to System Settings, and click on Mouse in the left sidebar. Select the Point & Click option and turn off the toggle next to Natural Scrolling.

3. Automatically change the wallpaper

You can personalize your Macbook by changing the default wallpaper to liven things up. If you go to System Preferences>Desktop & Screensaver, you will find different options you can use. Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper image, you can get it to change automatically and set the frequency at which it changes.

  • By clicking the tick box in Change Picture, you can select the drop-down menu and choose a desired interval.
  • By clicking the tick box and placing a tick in the Random order box, wallpaper images will display randomly.
  • Using a specified folder in iPhoto to store wallpaper images helps to keep them organized. The Desktop & Screen Saver pan keeps them up to date.

4. Add custom sounds

One of the ways to customize a Macbook is to add custom sounds. They can be fun and are also helpful. You can set your Mac to announce the time at certain intervals if you go to System Preferences>Date & Time>Clock.

If you prefer a different system voice than the default one, go to System Preferences>Accessibility>Spoken Content and System Voice. If you want to change alert sounds to installed system sounds you need to go to System Preferences>Sound>Sound Effects.

5. Change colors

If you want to select an accent color for pop-up menus, buttons, etc. you can do so in Appearance under System Settings.

If you open System Preferences>General you can change the highlight color of text to a different color than the default blue. You have eight choices and you can also choose Other to select any color using the color picker.

In the Mac Mail app, you can change the look of your emails by going to Preferences>Fonts & Colors. You can highlight individual messages by selecting a new color. Choose the message and press Format>Show Colors.

6. Add a fun lock screen message

If you want to use a personalized lock screen message go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General. Check the box next to Show a Message when the Screen is Locked. Click on the Set Lock Message button and type in what you want your lock screen to say and click on OK.

When you restart your Macbook, you will see the message at the bottom of the screen. It will appear above the power options. If the option is grayed out when you start the process, clicking on the Lock icon at the bottom and entering your system password should allow you to edit.

7. Use a light or dark appearance

You can change the appearance of the menu bar, windows, built-in apps and Dock. On your Mac choose the Apple menu>System Settings and click Appearance in the sidebar. You can select Light, Dark, or Auto on the right. Dark Mode will darken the color scheme of the Mac theme so the content you work on stands out.

The windows and controls will recede into the background. In the Menu bar, clicking on Control Center and Display allows you to turn Dark Mode on or off. Auto mode will switch from Light to Dark based on the Night Shift schedule you set.


This is just an introduction to the many ways you can customize your Mac. You can alter its appearance in various ways such as personalizing the Dock, the wallpaper image, and colors. You can also change sounds and the scrolling direction. Personalizing your lock screen message adds some personality. Some of the personalization can also improve your Mac performance.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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