7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You




Do you want to know if someone is thinking about you? It can be a simple thought or a gut feeling, but you still want to know.

Attraction often leaves us curious about what the other person feels toward us. But how can we verify that someone is particularly interested in us?

Curiosity led you here, so I’ll give you the answers.

In this post, we’re discussing 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you. We’ll also include some behavioral facts you can use to verify your intuition.

Is That Person Thinking of You?

Knowing that someone thinks about you is a good feeling. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel appreciated? Even more so if that person is someone you hold special.

But how can you know for sure? You can’t get inside their head or read their minds to find out once and for all whether you’re in their mind or not.

In most cases, we get a pretty good picture of someone’s feelings by their behaviors. Still, not all of us are good at reading people, and we might risk misunderstanding their actions.

Fortunately, there are several signs you can watch for when dealing with this hitch. Signs like dreams, manifestations, and specific habits can indicate their interest in you.

7 Signs That Someone Is Thinking of You

Signals are everywhere if you just know where to look. Here are the seven most common signs that they’re constantly thinking about you:

1. You Dream About The Person

Dreams are the universal marker of a person’s mind. However, they can also be a sign that the person you’re dreaming of is thinking of you.

In some cultures, dreaming is a phenomenon that links us to the mystical world. They believe that dreams are the universe’s way of communicating.

So, if that person keeps popping up in your dream, chances are you’re also in their head. It could also mean they have a vital role to play in your life.

2. You Keep Running Into Them

Have you ever experienced thinking about someone and then suddenly meeting them? And at a place so unexpected that you almost believe it’s not mere chance?

It’s called synchronistic encounters and could be the sign you’re looking for. Being drawn to the person this way can only mean one or both of you are thinking about each other.

Psychics and spirituals don’t believe in random meetings. And running into someone at the thought of them can signify a deep connection between them.

3. You Suddenly Think About Them

Another sign to watch for is when they often suddenly come to mind. You’re sure you weren’t thinking about this person, but now you are and can’t help it.

Spiritual people look to these random occurrences as a cue that the person has you in their thoughts. It also reveals you have a strong emotional reaction to this person.

Still, it’s worth noting that the mind can conjure a thought at random. So when this person suddenly plagues your thought doesn’t necessarily mean the opposite.

4. You Have Butterflies Landing on You

Different cultures from around the world have various beliefs about animals. They tied butterflies to symbolisms, such as good luck, immortality, and souls.

One common perspective about these creatures is that they carry thoughts and messages. They refer to butterflies as messengers carrying energies from one person to another.

So if a butterfly lands on your person, it can mean someone always has you in their thoughts. It may even be the person you’re thinking of right now.

5. Your Eyes Search Theirs

5. Your Eyes Search Theirs

Ever had that romantic gesture where you’re both in a crowd, and your eyes practically wandered to theirs? It’s almost like your eyes always know where this person is.

This eye-searching habit could be a powerful indication that you are thinking of each other. And these habits often translate into profound attraction.

If someone especially thinks of you, they’ll actively seek eye contact. Observe and watch how their eyes move toward you, and you’ll have your answer!

6. You Receive Updates From Them

Of course, you can always look at your interactions with the person to verify how they think of you. And if they always think of you, they’ll find ways to engage with you.

It could be as innocent as sending you reels on Instagram or mentioning you in Twitter memes. They might even deliberately arrange situations where you two can meet.

Either way, these markers are surefire indications that a person thinks of you every waking moment. It means they want to share their experiences with you.

7. You Experience Physical Manifestations

As surprising as it sounds, many cultures believe that thinking of someone causes physical manifestations. And these signals come in various forms.

For instance, one Indian folklore tells us that when you experience inexplicable hiccups, it means someone is missing you. Plus, the only way to stop the hiccups is to name them.

Invisible touches, eye twitching, sneezes, burning ears (or cheeks), and goosebumps are also examples of physical signals when a person thinks of you frequently.

Symptoms of Attraction – Psychological Facts

When you’re attracted to someone, you typically search for clues about their feelings for you. It may even be the reason why you’re reading this post.

However, asking them up-front would be terribly unnerving. So, here are some psychologically proven indicators someone is attracted to you:

  • Their body leans toward you.
  • They match your speech and behaviors.
  • Their toes point toward your direction.
  • They initiate eye contact.
  • They lift their brows when talking to you.
  • They seek your opinion and approval.

Final Thoughts

Thoughts are our most private belongings. They’re invisible to everyone, making them difficult to discover and comprehend.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can look for cues and signs from the universe or human behaviors. So, do you think they’re thinking of you?

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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