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Today, many marketplace and social media users use mobile proxies to manage advertising campaigns, check content from different geographic locations, access content that may be restricted in their region, and many other tasks.

If you want to use mobile proxies for eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram, then this article is for you. You will learn about the benefits of using mobile proxies and the differences between server and mobile proxies.

What Are Mobile Proxies?

A mobile proxy is a proxy that masks the user’s actual IP address and provides the ability to connect to the Internet from a mobile device confidentially. The mobile proxy uses 3G and 4G networks.

Mobile proxies can be used to allow users to hide personal information about themselves, particularly when visiting a particular resource on the Internet. In addition, thanks to a mobile proxy you can increase your connection speed. They help block downloads from the cache, which increases the speed of the gadget when it is connected to the Internet.

Such servers allow the user to view prohibited sites and content. Many countries have bans on visiting certain resources. If you do not use a proxy server, you will not be able to access such sites. By using a mobile proxy server, the access problem is solved.

There are a large number of applications on the market now. Each of them has its own functionality and features, and you can use mobile proxies with social networks and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon to get more benefits.

What is The Difference Between Server And Mobile Proxies?

When purchasing mobile proxies, the user gets access to the IP addresses of a real cellular operator and the ability to access the Internet via 4G modems installed in the desired country. They are also characterized by performing IP rotation using a timer or link. In addition, it is possible to change settings through your personal account.

Pros of Mobile Proxies

When choosing to use mobile proxies, the user must understand why he needs them. The main advantages of mobile proxies are:

  • Dynamic change of IP addresses. Mobile proxies can provide dynamic IP addresses that are constantly changing, which can help maintain anonymity and avoid detection.
  • No blocking of IP addresses. Mobile proxies can provide IP addresses that are not blocked by websites or other online services, which can help improve access to content and services.
  • Reliable address rotation. Mobile proxies can provide reliable and consistent address rotation, ensuring users have access to different IP addresses.
  • Connect to various protocols. Mobile proxy servers support protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS, which gives users the opportunity to use them with many online services to solve any problems.
  • Selecting an IP address. When using mobile proxies, users have access to IP addresses from around the world. This allows users to work with services against the backdrop of geographical restrictions effectively.
  • Unlimited traffic. Mobile proxies can offer unlimited traffic, allowing users to access online services and content without worrying about bandwidth or data limits.

The cost of mobile proxies is higher; however, if used correctly and in combination with the right software, you can get results that exceed the achievements of server hardware.

Who Needs Mobile Proxies?

Mobile proxies can be useful for a variety of individuals and organizations that need to access online content or functionality from Amazon or eBay while maintaining anonymity or bypassing restrictions. Some examples include:

  • Digital marketers. Mobile proxies can be used by Digital marketers to automate tasks such as account creation, data collection, and ad verification without being detected or blocked by websites or online services.
  • E-commerce businesses. Mobile proxies can be used by e-commerce businesses to collect data from competitors’ websites, monitor prices, and optimize product listings.
  • Social media marketers. Social media marketers can use mobile proxies to manage multiple accounts, automate engagement, and bypass restrictions on some platforms.
  • Security researchers. Security researchers can use mobile proxies to collect data and study security threats without revealing their identity and location.
  • Journalists and activists. Mobile proxies can be used by journalists and activists to access online content and services that are blocked in their country or region and to protect their online activities from surveillance or censorship.
  • Data specialists. Mobile proxies can be used by data scientists to collect data for analysis and modeling without being detected or blocked by websites or online services.

Reverse Proxy – What Is It?

The main purpose of this tool is to provide additional security to the user by hiding the real IP address of the target server from the whole world. The advantage of this tool is that it provides caching, which offers many benefits, in particular changing content and also headers.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to the dynamic mobile reverse proxy, it will be possible to run Internet applications using Docker – the technology that is truly behind the success of containerization mechanisms. The idea of a reverse proxy is to provide a single, secure entry point into a network without the need to connect to a VPN server.

Proxy And VPN: Main Differences

The use of proxy and VPN is very similar – hiding client IP addresses. How, then, do they differ from each other? Is it sometimes worth downloading a VPN for free or do you still need to purchase high-quality equipment on a paid basis?

First of all, you can ensure yourself the maximum level of security, or rather, achieve privacy, thanks to high-quality encryption. A proxy hides the real IP address by replacing it with another one to unblock sites or social networks that are usually inaccessible. However, the activity on the network will not remain anonymous because the information about the visitor is not encrypted.

Using a reliable VPN, you can not only get a new IP address but also, thanks to an encrypted tunnel, provide yourself with protection from fraudulent intrusions, which will maintain your anonymity on the network. Using a VPN will also allow you to access various streaming platforms that are usually inaccessible easily.

Final Thoughts

A good mobile proxy service is always provided on a paid basis because free analogs often work much slower. Suppose you are looking for a reliable mobile proxy provider for working on Instagram, Facebook, eBay, or Amazon.

In that case, we recommend paying attention to iProxy, a provider of high-quality solutions for solving various types of problems when working with marketplaces, social networks, streaming platforms, etc.

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