Alice Zenobia Richmond: Tina Fey’s Eldest Daughter, Debuted on TV at Age 7 as Young Liz Lemon on “30 Rock,” Created by Her Mom




Meet Alice Zenobia Richmon, born into the limelight of Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond’s celebrity world.

Growing up in New York City, her childhood oscillated between an ordinary Upper East Side life and the glamor of her mom’s TV sets.

This article dives into Alice’s Journey, highlighting her knack for creativity from a young age. Despite the pressure of fame, Tina Fey and Jeff worked to give Alice a grounded upbringing. 

As a college student now, she balances red carpets with a low-key life and enjoys normal friendships and pastimes. 

Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Networth

Alice Zenobia Richmond

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Alice is yet to be professionally involved in a job or a business. There’s currently little to no information about her net worth.

However, bringing her mother’s worth into the picture, Tina Fey and Alice Richmond have a combined net worth of over $75 million as of 2024.

Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Early Life

Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Early Life

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Alice Zenobia Richmond was born in New York City on September 10, 2005, to acclaimed multi-hyphenate entertainer Tina Fey and her composer husband, Jeff Richmond

As the eldest daughter of a high-profile celebrity couple, her early life was split between a relatively normal upbringing on the Upper East Side and visits to her mom’s television sets for 30 Rock and other projects. 

Though barely walking and talking yet, little Alice was already surrounded by fame, opportunity, and scrutiny. With celebrity parents’ unprecedented access and innate talent, this tiny girl faced immense pressure as she had a childhood with the eyes of the world watching. 

Even as a child, Alice showed creative talents and wit, creating funny punchlines and phrases that made their way into 30 Rock scripts. Her parents worked to give Alice and her younger sister Penelope a grounded childhood despite their fame and fortune.

Balancing Normalcy and Fame

Alice Zenobia Richmond’s Networth

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To provide some balance from the chaos of their professional lives, Tina Fey made great efforts to allow her daughters a safe and loving upbringing.

As much as possible, she and Jeff created normalcy by living not in a Hollywood mansion but in a classic prewar apartment on the Upper East Side of New York

While Alice developed the typical pastimes and friendships of an NYC kid, her life was always interwoven with fame.

Like many children, she may have enjoyed playing on the playgrounds in Central Park. But unlike most kids, she also spent time at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, home to the NBC studios where her mom Tina created hit shows like 30 Rock.

Most children do arts and crafts in school, but Alice could hand her felt creations to Emmy-winning TV customers.

Carving Her Creative Path

Alice Richmond

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Surrounded by successful parents, it would have been easy for young Alice to rely on family connections. Yet, she showed her creative spark, intelligence, and drive from a young age. 

By Elementary school, Alice crafted clever punchlines that worked their way into network sitcom scripts. In homemade short films, she eventually learned skills to enroll at NYU’s prestigious film school.

Alice always possessed the raw talent to succeed and carve her path on her own. Instead of riding the train of her parents’ fame and using Instagram photos to gain likes (and money), she focused slowly on learning the craft.

While Richmond has stated her parents didn’t push her towards the entertainment industry, Alice made her television debut at age 7, playing a young version of her mom’s character, Liz Lemon, on 30 Rock. 

The 2012 episode “Mazel Tov, Dummies!” featured Alice in a flashback scene, exhibiting real acting chops and the family’s trademark eye roll.

Behind the scenes, Alice frequently visited the 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live set. She inspired Tina Fey’s writing and development of the shows’ eccentric characters and absurd situations.

Life in Quarantine

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Richmond demonstrated her creativity under lockdown by planning themed dinners, talent shows via Zoom, and other amusements for her family.

She organized an airplane-themed meal with custom menus and in-flight entertainment. For the virtual talent show, Alice enlisted the children of her mom’s celebrity friends, like Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph.

Alice Richmond’s Personality

Alice Richmond

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While the spotlight has shined on Alice from a young age as Tina Fey’s daughter, she remained remarkably well-adjusted. She avoided the pitfall of early fame affecting other celebrity kids. 

Press reports indicate that Alice leads a relatively low-key life as a college student when not making red carpet appearances with her mother. She enjoys normal friendships and pastimes like attending music festivals.

Alice credits her parent’s guidance and the stabilizing influence of her sister Penelope with keeping her grounded.

Though opportunities will undoubtedly come knocking for this intelligent, funny, driven young woman, she appears focused on discovering her path outside Tina Fey’s incomparable shadow.

Future Aspirations

Alice Richmond

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While her early days were immersed in television comedy, interviews indicate that Alice Zenobia Richmond’s passion lies behind the camera. She has reportedly shown great promise as an aspiring filmmaker.

Alice began making short films starring family members and friends as a teen. In 2018 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey proudly shared her daughter’s latest production with Penelope titled “Butt Show.”

Now pursuing higher education, Alice is honing her directional and editing skills at NYU’s renowned film school.

If she continues following in her parent’s footsteps, we may see an up-and-coming Richmond behind the camera in a future Fey production. For now, Alice seems happy finding her creative voice.

Final Words

One day, this teen prodigy may blossom under the glare of Hollywood lights once reserved for her famous family.

Or perhaps she will thrive happily away foreign to fame. Though undoubtedly destined for greatness, Alice dictates the path at her own pace.

With solid roots now firmly in place, this bright young woman will flourish however she chooses. We will wait and watch as Alice sets out to craft her future. 

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