Anya Robbie: Margot Robbie’s Sister, Gifted a World-Famous Ghan Railway Trip for Her 30th Birthday




Many family members of Hollywood stars often prefer to keep a low profile, whether siblings, parents, or even spouses. Despite being worth knowing about, not all humans can live under the spotlight.

One of these names is Anya Robbie, the not-so-talked-about but equally exciting part of the Robbie family.

She’s the elder sister of the fabulous Margot Robbie, the famous actress and producer known for her roles in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Barbie.”

While Margot’s been stealing the hearts of Hollywood fans, Anya’s been doing her own thing, away from the flashy headlines.

Today’s article sheds light on Anya Robbie, her life, career, etc. So, if you want to learn more about her, keep reading.

Anya Robbie: Personal Profile

Margot Robbie

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Even if she doesn’t make headlines like her sister, Anya Robbie still stands out as a story to be told. Her life and career are aspects from which to draw inspiration.

For a state, here’s a brief bio about her.

  • Full Name: Anya Robbie
  • Year of Birth: 1989
  • Place of Birth: Dalby, Queensland, Australia
    • Nationality: Australian
    • Ethnicity: Mixed (Scottish and German descent)
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bond University
  • Occupation: Senior accountant at Accounts Pty Ltd.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Parents: Doug Robbie and Sarie Kessler
  • Siblings: Margot Robbie, Lachlan Robbie, and Cameron Robbie
  • Children: None
  • Social Media: Private

Anya Robbie: Early Life

Anya Robbie Early Life

Anya Robbie was born in 1989 in a rural town in the Western Down Region of Queensland, Australia. She grew up within her big family of six, where she had fun with her siblings.

As kids on their family farm, the Robbies did many exciting activities, from hunting to farming. On top of that, they even learned to surf on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast.

Anya Robbie: Family Life

Anya Robbie was born to the couple Doug Robbie and Sarie Kessler. They had another three children together before separating.

Alongside Anya, there was Lachlan (an older brother), Margot (a younger sister), and Cameron (a younger brother).

After their parents’ divorce, the four siblings lived with their mother in Currumbin Valley in the City of Gold Coast. However, they always visited Dalby (about 180 miles away) to see their grandparents.

Anya Robbie: Parents

Anya Robbie Parents

Dough Robbie, the father of Anya, is a known sugarcane tycoon who owns a ranch. Unfortunately, he left the family when Anya was just a kid. As concluded from some interviews with Margot, it seems both sisters aren’t too close with him.

On the other hand, the opposite is true for the mother, Sarie Kessler. She was a dedicated physiotherapist who brought up four kids single-handedly.

In an interview with a magazine, Margot described her mother as “the sweetest person on earth.”

While she stated that she wouldn’t mind turning into her mother a bit, she said about her father, “I’m not like him at all.”

It’s a single statement that describes how a person’s presence can make all the difference.

That said, the elder brother, Lachlan, appears to keep contact with the father the most. In some posts across social media platforms, you can see a few photos of them together.

Anya Robbie: Siblings

Anya Robbie Siblings

As mentioned, Anya is the second oldest among four children. Here’s a quick peek into her siblings’ lives.

  • Lachlan: Also known as “Lockie,” Lachlan works as a stunt double and has worked for many movies. He performed stunts in “Birds of Prey” and “Aquaman.”
  • Cameron: Cameron is the one who followed his sister’s footsteps and became a screen actor. He’s known for his roles in “Gifted” (a 2015 short film), “People You May Know,” “I.C.U” (a television show), and the 2021 series “Neighbours.”
  • Margot: Born onlI.C.U. A year apart from her sister, Margot is a famous Hollywood megastar.
  • She received nominations for many awards and won a few, including the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for her roles in “Suicide Squad,” “I, Tonya,” and “Barbie.”

Anya Robbie: Education and Career

Margot Robbie

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Unlike her sister, who always had a passion for acting, Anya went a complete opposite way. She decided to study accounting and enrolled at Bond University.

Located in Robina, another nearby suburb of Gold Coast, Anya was still close to her family.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, she pursued a career in the same field. She has a rich work history, being active in administrative assistant, bookkeeper, and public relations jobs.

From 2014 to 2016, she worked at BDR Projects as a cost controller. Following that, she continued working hard she became a senior accountant.

Despite keeping a private life, her LinkedIn account shows her working for a company called Accounts Pty Ltd.

Before that, she also worked as an accountant for Contractor from 2020 to 2021 and MBA Partnership Pty Ltd from 2016 to 2019.

Other than this, there’s not much iM.B.A.rmation about her.

Anya Robbie: Her Sisterly Bond With Margot

Tom Ackerley

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Throughout many public events, you can spot the presence of Anya alongside her beloved sister, Margot.

Despite going in two separate ways career-wise, both sisters remain as close as ever. Since growing up on their farm, they’ve formed a special connection that lasted through the years.

Anya served as a bridesmaid at Margot’s elegant 2016 wedding to Tom Ackerley, a film producer and actor. While Sarie had the honor of walking Margot down the aisle, their father, Doug, did not attend.

A Dream Trip on the Ghan Railway

Margot Robbie

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On Anya’s 30th birthday in 2019, Margot surprised her with quite a special gift. She went with her on her dream trip on the well-known Ghan Railway.

For those who don’t recognize the name, Ghan is a passenger train service aimed towards tourism.

It operates between Australia’s northern and southern coasts, passing through Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Darwin.

Throughout the trip, Margot posted many gorgeous photos showing how much fun they had. They were even joined by their brother, Cameron, at some point.

Anya Robbie: Net Worth

Margot Robbie

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As a senior accountant, Anya Robbie makes a great living. However, she’s never disclosed her salary, how much she makes, or any details about her net worth.

Anya Robbie: Personal Life

There is no news of Anya Robbie being in a relationship or getting married. Because she keeps a low profile, it’s hard to find details about where Anya is now and what she’s doing. However, you can spot her once in a while in one of her sister’s photos on social media.

Final Thoughts

That’s the story of Anya Robbie. It’s a name that might not ring as loud as Margot’s in Hollywood, but it is unique. Despite not being a part of the film glam, Anya strongly supports her sister.

After all, they’ve both lived through the ups and downs of life, especially after their parents’ divorce. Despite that, it’s evident that they had many cherished moments growing up together with their two brothers.

As for her personal growth, Anya Robbie became a successful senior accountant. Beyond that, aside from some posted photos on Margot’s social media accounts, there aren’t many details about Anya.

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