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Calum Scott’s version of Dancing on My Own by Robyn gave him a golden shortcut to the live shows of Britain’s Got Talents.

While his performance went viral, he didn’t win the Final. Calum went on to release an official cover of Dancing on My Own in 2016 that peaked at #2 and stayed in the Top 40 for 30 weeks.

Since then, the English singer-songwriter released several singles and albums, with multiple of his creations ranking high on the charts. The latest is his collaboration with DJ Jax Jones; Whistle.

So where does all this leave the artist money-wise? 

Today’s article takes a closer look at Calum Scott’s net worth, income, assets, career, early life, and more.

Calum Scott’s Net Worth

Calum Scott is a successful singer, songwriter, and performer. His thriving career featuring various hit songs and albums has brought him massive fame along with great fortune.

As of 2022, the total net worth of Calum Scott was reported to be around $6 to $7 million. After all, he’s one of the most popular artists, not only in the UK but also across the globe.

As of 2023, my research reveals an estimation of $8 million for Calum Scott’s net worth.

This increase is based on the artist’s latest feature on the single Whistle with DJ Jax Jones, released in February 2023 and peaking at #14. The pair performed the song on an episode of the show Love Island on ITV.

Calum also featured on the re-recorded version of the song Greatest Day by Take That in May 2023. It seems like 2023 is set to be a good year for the English artist.

What’s more, part of Calum Scott’s income is his assets. The British celebrity owns a beautiful home in Yorkshire along with a couple more properties across England, but not many details are available about them.

Calum is also a proud owner of a car collection since he’s a huge fan of automobiles. He currently owns a Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Land Rover among a few more.

Calum Scott’s Net Worth by Year

Calum Scott’s Net Worth by Year

If you’re after a breakdown of Calum Scott’s net worth growth, here’s an estimate of his fortune every year since his debut:

  • Net worth in 2016: $1 million 
  • Net worth in 2017: $2 million 
  • Net worth in 2018: $3 million 
  • Net worth in 2019: $4 million 
  • Net worth in 2020: $5 million 
  • Net worth in 2021: $6 million
  • Net worth in 2022: $7 million 
  • Net worth in 2023: $8 million 

Calum Scott’s Income

Calum Scott’s main source of income is the sales of his singles and albums. Online streams and views of his songs on various platforms also contribute significantly to his accumulated wealth.

Calum Scott also performed on some of the most renowned TV shows, including a Christmas Spectacular for Britain’s Got Talent, Sunday Brunch, and The Late Late Show.

Additionally, Calum earns money through the sales of merchandise on his website. He also allowed American Express to use his music and voice in one of their TV commercials.

Calum Scott’s Early Life

Calum Scott’s Early Life

Calum Scot was born on the 12th of October 1988 in the town of Beverly close to Kingston Upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

His parents are Kevin Scott and Debbie Burton, who split up when he was 2 years old. His father left for Canada and Calum grew up mainly with his mother and younger sister Jade, who is also a singer and auditioned right before him on Britain’s Got Talent.

During his childhood, Calum had a love for music and played various instruments, especially the drums. His sister played a huge role in encouraging him to sing and pursue a career as a singer.

Calum Scott’s Career


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Calum Scott’s breakthrough was thanks to his audition on Britain’s Got Talent, where he performed a cover of Dancing on My Own by Robyn. It was so good that Simon gave him his gold buzzer, sending him straight to the live shows.

Calum didn’t win the 2015 Final, finishing 6th among the 12 finalists. In 2016, he released his cover as a single, which peaked at #2 and remained for 30 weeks in the Top 40.

From there, Calum’s career skyrocketed with hit albums and singles including You Are The Reason, Where Are You Now, and Biblical.


Did Calum Scott Win America’s Got Talent?

Calum finished 6th on Britain’s Got Talent.

How Old Is Calum Scott?

Born on October 12, 1988, Calum Scott is 35 in 2023.

Does Calum Scott have any siblings?

Yes, Calum has a sister named Jade Scott.

When did Calum Scott release his debut album?

Calum Scott released his debut album, “Only Human,” in 2018.

Has Calum Scott toured internationally?

Yes, Calum Scott has embarked on international tours, performing in various countries around the world.

Has Calum Scott collaborated with other artists?

Yes, Calum Scott has collaborated with artists such as Leona Lewis, Tiësto, and Bob Sinclair.

Wrapping Up

Calum Scott’s net worth is estimated at around $8 million as of 2023. Calum Scott rose to fame after appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent.” His wealth is mainly from YouTube channel as well as music sales, music streams, live performances, TV show performances, and commercials.

As a singer, Calum’s career is still in its early stages, promising further growth and success.


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