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Cancer is the leading cause of death for a quarter of the world’s population. Many of these deaths could be prevented with better medical care. Unfortunately, it is not possible to improve the quality of medical care around the world quickly. But wherever you are, you can expect better cancer treatment results if you travel to a European country.

Thanks to the development of medical tourism, everyone can benefit from the latest medical advances. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you should undergo treatment for cancer in Germany to expect success in the fight against this deadly pathology.

What Cancer Treatments Are Used in Germany?

Almost all modern methods of cancer treatment are available in Germany. New drugs that have proven their efficacy in clinical trials are approved quickly, new equipment is regularly made available, and new techniques for surgery and other procedures are introduced. Treatment approaches are constantly being improved, which allows for continuous improvement of results in the field of oncology.

The methods of cancer treatment used in Germany include:

Surgical procedures, including minimally invasive laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and robotic options. In the early stages, endoscopic procedures may be used without soft tissue incisions.

Remote radiation therapy with modern linear accelerators. In Germany, radiation therapy is safer and often less time-consuming. Physicians use modern forms of tumor irradiation such as intensity-modulated, image-guided radiation therapy, volumetric modulated arc therapy, stereotactic body radiation therapy, radiosurgery, and proton therapy.

Minimally invasive procedures for tumor destruction: high-intensity focused ultrasound, chemoembolization, radioembolization, various types of ablation (radiofrequency, microwave), and brachytherapy (contact radiation therapy).

Drug therapies include not only chemotherapy and hormone therapy, but also targeted, anti-angiogenic, and immunotherapy. Radiotargeted therapy is used for some cancers.

Other cancer therapies include stem cell transplantation, CAR T-cell therapy, cancer vaccines, oncolytic viruses and alternative treatments for cancer at advanced stages.

Which Stages of Cancer are Treated in Germany?

German clinics successfully treat all stages of cancer, from the first to the last.

When treating early-stage cancer, doctors do not just want to get rid of the cancer for good. They also strive to do so in the least traumatic, safest, and most comfortable way possible, with the fewest health consequences, while maintaining a high quality of life.

In the late stages, treatment can be difficult and time-consuming. But in the end, if it does not cure the cancer, it makes it possible to achieve a long remission of the cancer disease, allowing a person to have many years of active life.

Why is it Better to Get Treatment in Germany?

Germany is the best choice for cancer treatment for a number of reasons: innovative techniques, well-equipped hospitals, accurate diagnostics, experienced, highly qualified doctors, patient comfort, care, anesthesia, and symptomatic and supportive therapy.

As a result, treatment in Germany:

  • More likely to lead to recovery or long-term remission
  • Less traumatic and less toxic
  • Less likely to cause serious complications, reduced quality of life, disability
  • Allows for shorter treatment time: for example, with modern types of radiation (5 days instead of one and a half months) or quick rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Provides a good result even in the last stage of cancer

German doctors are concerned not only with the length but also the quality of your life. Therefore, safer treatments, organ-preserving surgeries and reconstructive procedures are always preferred here to help patients return to a normal life after defeating cancer.

How to Undergo Treatment in Germany?

German hospitals are willing to accept foreign patients, and Booking Health, a medical tourism company, can help you choose a hospital, schedule treatment, and make travel arrangements. Visit this website, here:

  • The best hospitals in Germany and leading German oncologists are represented
  • You can choose a hospital based on your diagnosis or need for specific procedures
  • You can see up-to-date prices for medical programs
  • You can get advice from a medical tourism specialist as well as have a remote consultation with a German doctor
  • You can make convenient appointments and travel arrangements

When you make an appointment for treatment through Booking Health, you save money. The cost of medical services is reduced due to the exclusion of additional charges for international patients.

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