Danny Jones Penniman: The Adopted Son of One-and-Only Little Richard, Chosen at 14 from Ten Siblings to Be the Only Adopted Child 




Enigmatic, talented, and shrouded in private intrigue, Danny Jones Penniman is considered a musical prodigy.

Danny, the adopted son of the legendary, one-and-only Little Richard, has lived a life of privilege and unparalleled status.

I gathered everything I could about Danny Jones Penniman in this post below.

So, let’s get started!

Early Life

Little Richard

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Danny Jones Penniman was born in the US in 1959, but I couldn’t find his birth date.

Some reports claimed that the singer/songwriter did not know who his birth parents were or anything about his early childhood.

Some even said that his parents had died when Danny was a young infant and that he was an orphan from when he was a young child.

Yet, I found a Rolling Stone interview where Danny talks about how Little Richard had formed a close friendship with his family.

This was back in the late 1970s/early 1980s when Richard decided to step back from singing and dedicated himself to church, where he started attending masses in South Central Los Angeles near Danny’s old neighborhood.

Personal Life

Personal Life

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The first time Danny was introduced to Richard was in the second grade. He lived in a poor part of town with his biological mother, Creola Jones, his father, and nine older siblings: six sisters and three brothers.

As Richard continued to attend mass, his relationship with Danny grew closer. As a teen, Danny started going through a tough time, especially after his father passed away in 1982.

Danny’s mother reached out to Richard to protect him and avoid having him turn out like his brothers and sisters and asked if he could take care of him.

Luckily, the “architect” of Rock and Roll agreed, and after the two shook hands on it, Danny, at 14 years old, became his legally adopted son.

Since Little Richard’s birth name is Richard Wayne Penniman, Danny officially became “Danny Penniman.”

He continued to live and work with his father, especially near the end of Richard’s life. He was even the one who confirmed the news of his father’s passing after a battle with bone cancer to the media in May of 2020.

Currently, Danny is 65 years old. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has soft, curly brown hair and gorgeous hazel-brown eyes.

Professional Life

Professional Life

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Danny followed in his musical genius father’s footsteps and became a rapper. Yet, even though he became a successful musician, most of his works aren’t known to the public.

He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia profile until now, which is unheard of for the son of a major celebrity like Little Richard.

I couldn’t find any social media profiles for the son of the Rock and Roll legend. I also couldn’t find any reports about who he dated or whether he’s ever been married.

It appears that he’s chosen to keep both his personal and professional lives private.

Net Worth

Little Richard

Not much is known publicly about Danny Jones’ net worth. That said, he is a professional musician and rapper, so he must earn quite a substantial amount of money.

Not to mention that his father’s net worth is estimated to be more than $40 million. And since he owns most of his father’s properties and wealth, his net worth is also somewhere around that range.

Final Thoughts

Having a role model like Little Richard certainly paved the way for Danny Jones Penniman in life and the music industry.

With a unique parenting style, Richard proved to be a wise and dedicated mentor who took Danny under his wing and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

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