Green Gaming: Eco-Friendly Practices for Online Casinos




The world is now finally recognizing the truth about global warming and its adverse effects. As such, all large industries, including the gambling industry where MrBet belongs, are on a mission to help reduce carbon emissions.

There are now standards that the casinos implement to help reduce their contribution to the problem. Let us explore what these best practices are.

Energy Efficiency

The first best practice that casinos can implement is the move or shift to green energy. At the very list, they have to switch some of their power sources to renewable energy sources. Some examples of these are:

  • Nuclear power;
  • Hydropower;
  • Wind power;
  • Solar power.

Of all these, solar power is the most accessible. All it takes to do this is to install solar panels that get energy from the sun, never it into electricity, and then store them in batteries. Many server providers now do this, so it should not be difficult for casinos to implement the same.

Data Center Design

Engineering has come a long way. Today, people who build structures can consider energy efficiency when it comes to construction projects. Because of this, casinos can implement design principles for energy efficiency when building their offices or data centers.

Here are some examples:

  • Lighting – it is a waste of money to use incandescent bulbs. Nowadays, there are LED bulbs that are much brighter than the old traditional bulbs. In addition to that, LEDs are much more efficient when it comes to power consumption. So, while the bulbs themselves are expensive, they can help save energy tremendously.
  • Power Distribution – architects and engineers now have the tech to create power distribution systems. For example, they can create power distribution units that prevent or minimize the loss of energy when they move in the wire.

Building maintenance can also monitor the power that the building uses at any given time. In addition, the tech specialists can monitor what power they need at any given time, and then make the necessary adjustments to help save energy.

Corporate Responsibility

Casino companies can build relationships with other organizations to help promote green gaming, not the gaming itself but the advancement of eco-friendly activities.

For example, a casino can do the following:

  • Support initiatives of organizations like picking up plastic from the ocean;
  • Work with suppliers that help advance a green environment, like server providers;
  • Provide financial aid to activities that promote a green environment.

There are many other ways by which online casinos can help support the drive for a better environment. However, it takes political will to be involved in these things, especially if the activities will nip a little in their profit margins.

Player Education

Yes, casinos and game developers can help in solving the global warming crisis by educating the players through the games. It does not even have to happen in the game. Instead, a casino can have dedicated pages that tell players how to become responsible gamers in terms of environmental issues.

The casinos can also raise awareness when it comes to environmental issues. For example, they can advocate for the importance of controlling game time as it uses electricity, and that players should reduce electricity consumption while gaming, like turning off the lights if not really needed.

In addition, game developers can create gambling games that promote environmental health, like slot machines whose themes have something to do with global warming, not just the typical themes we see today.

Waste Reduction

Big companies operate in offices, and these offices certainly have waste by-products. A good example is paper. Instead of using paper, companies can use digital assets or systems as a replacement for traditional documents.

Casino companies can also implement or start recycling projects. They do not have to do the recycling themselves. Instead, what they need to do is offer ways for their employees to make recycling efforts easier.

For example, a company can ask their employees to separate recyclable waste in their office. Aluminum cans and bottles can go to one bin, and paper will go to another bin. Food can go to another one. Then, the company can work with garbage disposal companies that will pick up this waste.

Casinos Are Not Only for Playing 

Casinos and gambling facilities can significantly help in reducing their carbon footprint, It all begins with the will of business and political leaders. The leading cause of environmental problems, if you think about it, is not the masses but big corporations and leaders who have the power to start a change but don’t.

Green gaming is now the name of the game. Casinos spend so much energy on servers that they must start looking for ways to reduce their consumption of power. Or, they can at least shift some of their power consumption to renewable sources of energy.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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