Hanne Norgaard: Idris Elba’s First Wife, Isan’s Mother, Retains Ex-Husband’s Name Post-Divorce




For beauty enthusiasts, the name Hanne Norgaard is familiar. Also known as Kim Elba, she’s a famous professional makeup artist who’s worked with various celebrities and film production houses.

If you want to know more about the inspiring life story of Hanne Norgaard, stick around. In this article, you’ll find everything about her early life, marriage, and career. So, keep scrolling.

Hanne Norgaard: Personal Profile

Hanne Norgaard Personal Profile

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Being of an Afro-Asian descent, Hanne Norgaard possesses an exotic beauty. She described her race as “Blasian” in one of her social media accounts.

Here’s a glimpse into Hanne’s personal profile.

    • Name: Hanne Kim Norgaard (AKA Kim Elba)
    • Birth Date: April 5, 1977
    • Birth Place: The United Kingdom
    • Nationality: British-American
    • College: SC Institute and International Makeup Artist Academy
    • Height and Weight: 5ft 1in, 131 lb
    • Spouses: Idris Elba (1999—2003) – Pastor Andrew L. Friar II (2013–to date)
    • Parents: Kyue Nam Kim (mother)
    • Children: One daughter, Isan Elba
    • Languages Spoken: English and Danish
  • Current Profession: Makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer
  • Net Worth: $900,000
  • Famous As: Idris Elba’s ex-wife
  • Instagram Account: @KimElba

Hanne Norgaard: Early Life and Education

Idris Elba

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Hanne was born in 1977 in England to a family of mixed ethnicity. Her father is an African American, and her mother has South Korean roots. Consequently, she grew up between the United States, South Korea, and England.

Early in her life, Hanne was interested in modeling, leading her to go to London. Yet, her parents encouraged her to get a college degree. As such, she studies makeup artistry at the International Artist Make Up Academy.

Doing so, she remained closer to the fashion and beauty industry that she grew interested in.

In 2004, Hanne also attended the SC Institute in Washington, DC. Over there, she earned a diploma, receiving the highest honors.

Hanne Norgaard: Marriage and Family

Hanne Norgaard Marriage and Family

Pastor Andrew L. Friar II     Image source: Google

While she was working in London, Hanne met her ex-husband, Idris Elba. Back then, he was an aspiring actor who had just started his career, appearing in a few TV shows. The couple fell in love and got married in 1999. Soon after, they moved to New York to find better opportunities.

In 2002, Idris Elba and Hanne Norgaard had their daughter Isan Elba. Nonetheless, shortly after that, the couple separated. Despite that, they remained friends and were even seen together celebrating their daughter’s birthday.

That said, Hanne never mentioned the reasons behind their divorce. Nonetheless, Hanne kept her ex-husband’s name after the divorce. 

After remaining single for a decade, Hanne found love again. In 2013, she married Pastor Andrew L. Friar II in a beautiful celebration, ending up with a yacht cruise. In an interview, Hanne praised her husband’s patience and confidence, mentioning that he’s “a gift from god.”

Till now, the couple is still together, running a ministry in Georgia. They aim to help people make decisions that bring them closer to God.

Hanne Norgaard: Career

Idris Elba

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Hanne Norgaard’s career started quite quickly, landing a job with BBC within the first week of graduating with honors in 1992.

From that moment onward, Hanne continued proving her competence in the entertainment industry. In 1993, she was assigned to work for the film production house Columbia Tristar as their key makeup artist.

After moving to New York with her ex-husband, Idris Elba, Hanne worked for several TV shows, fashion shows, movies, and magazine shoots. She also worked with many famous names, such as Hugh Laurie, Jenna Redgrave, Robin Williams, Geena Davis, and, of course, Idris Elba.

Unfortunately, after her divorce, Hanne’s career slowed down significantly. Yet, a few years later, in 2007, she started a business with the name “Make Up Your Mind.” With her fantastic team of expert makeup artists and hairstylists, she offered many services.

Some of these services involved accompanying clients to photoshoots and offering personal styling tips. Hanne’s business also organized “makeup parties.” During such gatherings, Hanne and her team members helped women learn more about different makeup looks.

During her career, Hanne was always involved in adjusting the perception of beauty. As such, she’s been associated with events such as “My Black Is Beautiful.” On top of that, she launched her own cosmetics line, Kim Elba Cosmetics.

Although she never showed interest in acting, she did make some special appearances on the reality TV show “‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Final Thoughts

It’s quite evident that Hanne Norgaard’s story is one of resilience and reinvention. Although her marriage to Idris Elba gave her a push forward, her hard work is what kept her moving.

Hanne Norgaard’s commitment to redefining beauty didn’t just stop at her business ventures. She actively participated in initiatives that supported embracing oneself and launched her own cosmetic line.

Here’s to Hanne Norgaard, a skillful artist, a beauty entrepreneur, and a woman who embodies the spirit of reinvention.

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