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In 2024, the online advertising sector will grow, which will also increase the competition for audience attention. Choosing a reliable technology partner for display advertising is more important than ever since the effectiveness of the advertising campaign depends on it.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a DSP platform. Another opportunity to take advantage of the relevance of programmatic advertising is to launch a white label DSP platform. You can explore offers from Teqblaze.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a DSP Platform

In 2024, the following factors should be considered when choosing a DSP platform. The success of your advertising campaign depends on them.

Available inventory and coverage

Advertising indicators and business results directly depend on the proposed advertising inventory. The more diverse it is, the more opportunities there are to convey your message to the right audience in a given volume.

Servers provide high-speed processing of platform requests. The volume that the server can handle may not be powerful enough for a brand’s advertising campaign. This is especially significant if RCs are carried out at a high level.

When promoting B2B products, working with programmatic advertising is somewhat more difficult than working with B2C. In the first case, the greater the taxonomy of the site and the more diverse the inventory, the higher the chances of finding and reaching the target audience.

When choosing a DSP platform, it is worth checking the number of SSPs connected to it and the size of the unique audience of users per day.

DSP Functionality

A high-quality DSP platform provides various criteria for audience segmentation, and over the course of the campaign, targeting is broadened or narrowed. It is important that the DSP platform has intelligent algorithms and automatic bid and budget management systems that will help achieve the set KPIs and reduce the share of advertising costs.

A cross-platform approach from mobile web to in-app (and vice versa) increases campaign results. It is also possible to optimize for post-view conversions (install a pixel on the site, set up conversion tracking), CPA (price per target action), and others.

Each platform has its own technologies for brand protection and traffic quality control. This could be a built-in audit system that filters out low-quality traffic and protects against fraud, as well as integration with all independent verifiers on the market.

This way, programmatic platform specialists can work with various services, set pixels, and optimize indicators. Verifiers monitor Viewability and fraud indicators (the platform, upon request, provides information about how it works with them and what resources it uses).

When working on a self-service model, customers of advertising services tend to choose DSPs with the most advanced technologies; they get the ability to manage and optimize advertising campaigns.

When choosing a platform, we recommend requesting a demonstration of the DSP system or access to the self-service account and assessing the functionality.

Working With Reports

To evaluate the results of the work, you can consider an example of analytics before the start of the campaign. After completion, based on this valuable analytics, hypotheses are tested, new ones are built and the next RCs are planned.

The platform provides information on the frequency of reporting during the campaign and the willingness to make adjustments to the media plan.

Some programmatic platforms provide real-time reports through dashboards, including access from a mobile device.

Another option involves transferring statistics to the advertiser’s tool. The third option involves downloading data and transferring intermediate analytics and post campaigns to the advertiser in the form of tables.

When choosing a platform, we recommend requesting templates for final reporting and finding out in what form they are provided and what they contain.

Non-Standard Formats

The innovativeness of the platform can be assessed by the presence of non-standard advertising formats:

  • Interactive Videos – including Shoppable Ads, which combine a video and a product catalog. You can display from 2 to 20 products with links to pages for making a purchase and solve image problems in the areas of online retail and e-commerce.
  • Bumper Ads – six-second short videos that are broadcast on social networks. They are suitable for retargeting together with the main video (20-30 seconds) and help increase the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Interstitial Advertising – full-screen videos up to 30 seconds or static/interactive banners, now more in demand in in-app.
  • In-banner Video – video advertising on websites in the middle of content at an affordable price. It increases recognition and gives more opportunities to work with creativity.
  • Web Push and Mobile Push Notifications – short messages that pop up on the device screen are used to build trigger communications among target audiences who have previously shown interest.

When choosing a platform, we recommend checking availability and requesting cases using non-standard advertising formats to increase audience engagement.

Team Expertise, Customer Service, And Reputation

The effectiveness of cooperation with a DSP platform increases if the platform includes media strategy development, media planning, media buying, accounting, and project management teams.

This improves efficiency and provides an integrated approach to work, just like a media buyer who simultaneously has the expertise of a trader and is well-versed in marketing and advertising.

When choosing a platform, we recommend organizing a meeting with the platform team (developers, media purchasing managers, media planners, and strategists). Pay attention to reviews from your market colleagues about customer service. This will help evaluate all aspects of the advertising platform team’s expertise.

Final Thoughts

DSP simplifies the processes of buying and selling advertising on the Internet. This tool allows marketers to work with multiple ad networks and formats simultaneously.

User interest in DSP is maintained at a high level, and therefore launching your own DSP platform is an excellent business decision. If you are looking for a reliable company that provides services for launching a DSP platform based on white-label, we recommend paying attention to Teqblaze.

Launching the DSP platform according to the white label model will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of programmatic advertising quickly, bypassing the long development of quality solutions.

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