Julie Blanchard: Driving Force Behind Herschel Walker, From Fromex-footballer to Politician




Julie Blanchard is the wife of the former NFL player Herschel Walker. She’s been a topic of discussion on multiple media platforms recently. 

This is because of her tireless support for Walker in the allegations against him regarding his multiple children from different women. 

Who is Julie Blanchard? In this post, I’ll provide all you need to know about Walker’s spouse.

Who Is Julie Blanchard?

Who Is Julie Blanchard

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Julie Blanchard is the second and current wife of the former NFL player Herschel Walker. They live together in Texas.

She was born in 1978 in the US. Unlike her husband, Blanchard has managed to keep her personal life private over the years. 

Walker and Blanchard had dated for over ten years before tying the knot in May 2021.

Blanchard is well-known for supporting Walker in both personal life and career. 

Sources stated that she supported him with the issues in the media regarding the number of children he has from different women. 

Julie Blanchard’s Career

Julie Blanchard's Career

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There are claims from many sources that Blanchard is an artist. However, this information isn’t a proven fact since Blanchard hasn’t revealed her profession so far.

Julie Blanchard’s Age

Based on her birth date in 1978, Blanchard is 45 as of August 2023. 

She’s been married to Walker for only two years. 

Julie Blanchard’s Net Worth

Although there are no official records of Julie Blanchard’s net worth, many sources estimate that she has a fortune of $1 million.

In addition, being the wife of a famous politician and former football player provides her with financial stability. 

Julie Blanchard on Instagram

Many accounts on Instagram bear Julie Blanchard’s name. Nonetheless, none of them is actually hers. She doesn’t currently own a public official Instagram account. 

Blanchard also doesn’t own any public social media pages.

Julie Blanchard’s Husband: Herschel Walker 

Julie Blanchard's Husband Herschel Walker 

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Herschel Walker was born in March 1962 in Wrightsville, Georgia, to a wealthy family. He’s a renowned American politician and former NFL player. 

However, his career is full of other endeavors and business ventures. Here are some of these previous career milestones:

  • Was the Republican candidate for the 2022 US Senate in Georgia State
  • Was part of the President’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition in 2020 
  • Launched a food processing business
  • Competed at the Winter Olympics in 1992 as a Bobsleigh player 

Nevertheless, he gained most of his popularity from participating in the National Football League for over 12 seasons as a running back.

Herschel Walker’s Children and Previous Marriage

Herschel Walker's Children and Previous Marriage

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Walker had been married once before his marriage to Julie Blanchard.

He’d been married to his first wife, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, for 19 years before their divorce in 2002. The American politician has a son called Christian from his previous marriage.

Walker also has three other children in addition to Christian. Recently, he’s faced much media criticism for not publicly acknowledging two of his children. 

In Summary 

Julie Blanchard is the 45-year-old wife of Herschel Walker. They’ve been married for two years following ten years of dating.

She’s well known for supporting Walker in his personal life and career. 

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