How to Choose the Perfect Mirror for Your Fireplace?




So, you just moved to a new house.

You’re sitting in front of the fireplace, watching the fire burning, not caring about anything else.

Something is missing, though. You’re still looking for that one piece that would give the room a balanced, sophisticated look.

Well, in that case, adding a mirror on top of your fireplace mantel can be a great idea.

Installing a mirror over your mantel adds several layers of complexity to your room and creates a dramatic scenery that anyone is bound to enjoy.

However, to get the best appearance, you’re bound by a certain set of rules. In this article, I’ll discuss the mirror over fireplace rules so you can get that perfect appearance.

How to Choose the Perfect Mirror for Your Fireplace?

Let’s see all the rules you need to consider before choosing your mirror.

Using the Proper Mirror

Naturally, the first thing you want to consider is the shape of the mirror. Should you go with a circular mirror or a classic rectangular one?

Your mirror should complement both your mantel and your furniture.

If your furniture has straight edges, a round mirror can create a nice balance and complement the rectangular mantel.

If you want to go with a classic look, a rectangular mirror would be the better choice.

Choose the Proper Size

The size of the mirror correlates with the size of the mantel.

Ideally, the width of the mirror should be two-thirds that of the mantel. If it’s too small, it won’t add any complexity or appeal to your room.

If it’s too big, it’ll stand out too much, not giving any other piece enough room to shine.

So, if your mantel is on the smaller side, a vertical mirror will do the trick.

If you have a wide mantel, a horizontal mirror would be more proportionate.

If you have the luxury of choosing either, consider how you want your house to feel. A vertical mirror can make your walls appear taller. Wide mirrors give the illusion of wider walls.

It depends on your preferences.

Hanging vs. Leaning on the Wall

Usually, there are two ways to install a mirror: you can either hang it or leave it standing on top of the mantel, leaning on the wall.

Don’t just think about aesthetics when you make that decision. Physics goes into it as well.

If you choose to go with a round mirror, it’s better to hang it on the wall. If you lean it, it can easily roll around, fall on the floor, and break.

A rectangular mirror, however, has a firm stand. You can lean it on the wall if you want.

If you decide to hang it, though, leave 4-6 inches between it and the mantel. That way, it’ll reflect the surrounding space effectively.

Framed vs. Frameless

Mirrors come in different styles, but they mostly fall under two categories: framed and frameless.

Each style works in different scenarios and creates different aesthetics.

A framed mirror is visually appealing and adds more complexity to your wall. Since frames come in different sizes and shapes, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

Some might think framed mirrors are troublesome; you have to drill holes in the wall to hang them, and the frame can leave dark spots on the wall.

However, you can easily solve this problem by using felt pads on the back of the frame to attach it to the wall.

If you want to go with a contemporary, minimalistic look, a frameless mirror would be more suitable.

Because of their flexible design, frameless mirrors can match most environments.

How Many Mirrors Should You Install?

Installing one big mirror over the mantel isn’t your only option. You can install several small mirrors.

If you want to go with this option, make sure the mirrors complement the room and each other.

You can pick mirrors with the same frame color. You can also choose mirrors with a color palette that matches your house.

Wrapping Up

So, how to choose the perfect mirror over your fireplace?

Start by carefully choosing the shape of the mirror. It depends on what will complement your surroundings.

Whichever shape you choose, don’t go too big or too small. Your mirror should be two-thirds the width of the mantel.

The best part? mirrors come in a variety of styles, and you don’t have to stick to one mirror.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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