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Morgan Wallen is a singer and songwriter whose first appearance was on The Voice in 2014. The artist initially wanted a career in basketball, but an elbow injury threw the whole idea out of the window.

As such, Morgan shifted back to his earlier passion, music. He amassed a decent fortune throughout his musical career, made a decent fanbase, topped the charts…and attracted a lot of controversy throughout the process!

What happened that led to all of that? How did controversy jump into the mix? And how many years did it take him to create this rollercoaster of events? Let’s find out.

How Old is Morgan Wallen? 

How Old is Morgan Wallen 

As of March 2024, Morgan Wallen is 30 years old (Born on May 13, 1993). At the time of writing, his overall net worth is estimated to be $ 4 million, a decent fortune he spent years making.

Morgan Wallen’s Early Life

Morgan Wallen was born in Sneedville, Tennessee, to parents Tommy and Lesli Wallen. His father was a local church pastor, and his mom was a teacher.

When Morgan was a child, he took piano and violin lessons, which introduced him to the musical world at an early age. As a teenager, he moved with his family to Knox County and attended and graduated from Gibbs High School.

Morgan was initially attracted to bands like Nickleback and Breaking Benjamin. However, in his teens, his interest shifted toward country music. He took a particular interest in artists like Eric Church and Keith Whitley.

Morgan Wallen’s Initial Steps

Morgan Wallen's Initial Steps

The world noticed Wallen’s talent for the first time when he appeared in The Voice Season 6 in 2014. His song of choice was Howie Day by Collide, and he performed it flawlessly.

He was complimented by Judge Usher (Yes, the famous Usher) and joined his team. Later on, he joined Adam Levine’s team (another judge), which improved his connections early in the music industry.

During his participation in the Voice, Wallen met and started working with Sergio Sanchez, who helped him sign with Panacea Records.

On August 24 of the following year, he released an EP called “Stand Alone.” An EP or Extended Release is a recording that contains fewer tracks than an album but more than a single.

In the same year, Wallen managed to co-write other songs like  Dallas Smith’s “The Fall” and  Jason Aldean’s “You Make It Easy.”

Wallen’s Rise to Fame

Wallen's Rise to Fame

Singles like “The Way I Talk” and the Florida Georgia Line collaboration “Up Down” established Wallen as a rising star within the country music scene. These tracks gained him traction and a growing fanbase, building momentum for what was to come.

In 2018, the release of “Whiskey Glasses” was a turning point for Morgan Wallen. The emotional ballad resonated deeply with the listeners. As such, the song was a momentum that helped him release his first full album: “If I Know Me,” which achieved massive commercial success.

As he started gaining more popularity, Wallen made some decisions about his public image, adopting a look that he described as “Everyman Rock Star,” which included growing out his signature mullet hairstyle.

Wallen said he adopted this style after seeing an old photo of his father wearing the same style.

Morgan Wallen’s mainstream success came in 2021 with the double album “Dangerous.” It was an immediate blockbuster that debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and set the record as the only country album to spend its first 7 weeks atop that chart.

The album spawned hits like “7 Summers,” giving Wallen his first top 10 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. At one point, Wallen had a remarkable 23 songs charting on the Hot 100 simultaneously!

Morgan Wallen’s Setbacks

Morgan Wallen's Setbacks

Ironically, Morgan Wallen made a risky mistake when he released his “Dangerous” album. In February 2021, a video surfaced of him when he was drunk and using a racial slur with his friends after a night out.

This pitfall didn’t just cause a public lash at Wallen; it also led to his music temporarily being pulled from radio and streamlining platforms. His recording contract was also indefinitely suspended by his label.

Fortunately, Wallen reacted quickly, apologizing to the public and his fans. He said he was mistakenly under the impression that his language was playful. He still admitted that it was ignorant and wrong, though.

Still, his “Dangerous” album set records throughout the year. It became the first album to spend 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 since 1987.

In 2022, It was named the Academy of Country Music’s Album of the Year. He followed up with singles like “You Proof” and “Thought You Should Know,” which also topped the charts.

Wallen expanded to stadium tours in 2023 with the One Night at a Time World Tour in support of his third album, One Thing at a Time, which shattered more records by charting all 36 tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 upon release in March 2023.

The mega-hit single “Last Night” became Wallen’s first #1 hit on the Hot 100.

Morgan Wallen’s Achievements

Morgan Wallen's Achievements

Here are the achievements and awards Morgan Wallen has accumulated up until April 2024:

  • Academy of Country Music Award for Album of the Year (2022) for Dangerous: The Double Album.
  • 14 Billboard Music Awards, including Top Country Artist (2021, 2023), Top Country Male Artist (2023), Top Country Album for Dangerous (2021), and One Thing at a Time (2023).
  • Country Music Association Award for New Artist of the Year (2020).
  • Two Fan-Voted Country Now Awards for Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album (2021) for Dangerous.
  • Multiple nominations at shows like the CMT Music Awards, American Music Awards, and ARIA Music Awards.

Morgan Wallen’s Personal Life

Morgan Wallen's Personal Life

In July 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wallen’s ex-fiancée KT Smith gave birth to their son, Indigo Wilder. However, Wallen frequently finds himself in hot water because of personal conduct.

Only a few weeks after his son’s birth, videos surfaced of him partying maskless at different bars in Alabama, ignoring public health protocols and risking his health and the people around him.

He was temporarily pulled as the musical guest for that week’s Saturday Night Live before appearing in a subsequent episode that parodied the incident.

The latest (and probably the most serious) news regarding Wallen’s personal life was when he was arrested in April 2024.

He was charged with three counts of felony reckless endangerment for allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop of a bar, with the projectile nearly striking police officers below.

This is another controversy in Wallen’s fluctuating career. We’re yet to see how he’ll come back from this one.

Still, despite the missteps, Wallen has maintained a wildly popular following, particularly among younger audiences on platforms like TikTok, where he has cultivated a devoted fanbase.

The Verdict

Morgan Wallen is a beloved artist with a sincere country style and a cheerful smile. As of 2024, the 30-year-old singer had a mix of ups and downs, but haven’t we all?

He still managed to maintain his respectable persona and a good fanbase. We can only hope he gets better control of his “off-camera” actions to keep his career intact.

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