Noelle Watters: The Woman Who Divorced Jesse Watters for Cheating on Her




Ever since the fox news power couple, Jesse and Noelle Watters, made it official in 2002, people have been obsessed with their relationship, even after their breakup! 

People have been wondering, who is Jesse’s first wife? What does she do? And most importantly, why did they split up? 

We’re going to answer all these questions and more. So, sit back and get comfortable because we have some hot tea to spill. 

Who Is Noelle Watters? 

The television personality and fashion stylist, Noelle Watters, is from New York City; born and raised. The Scottish-Irish TV host was born in 1979, making her 47 years old, to Rosemary and Peter Inguagiato. 

She graduated high school and went to Fairfield University in Connecticut, where she majored in English Writing and had a dual minor in Art History and International Studies.

She then got her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998, and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University, where she specialized in childhood and adolescence.

Who Is Noelle Watters

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What Was Noelle Watters’s Career? 

Noelle always had a kindling passion for the fashion world. Right after graduating, Noelle started a job as an Account Executive at Calvin Klein for a year. 

She then worked as a Public Relations Specialist at HBHPMK before becoming a Senior Wardrobe Coordinator at Fox News Channel.

After 5 years of styling over 100 on-air individuals, she then became Web Host for Fox News and Senior Editor/ Producer for Fox News Magazine. 

After almost 12 years at Fox News, Noelle left the channel in 2011 and launched her own NKW, Inc. for home design consultancy. 

She also nailed a new freelance job in 2012 as Managing Editor at EKB Interiors Blog, where she wrote blogs about interior design, fashion, and art. Noelle Watters managed to build her total net worth up to 1 million dollars. 

Who Is Jesse Watters? 

Who Is Jesse Watters

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The political commentator, Jesse Watters, started as a Fox News Channel production assistant. He steadily grew within the company and worked as a researcher and producer until he finally became a correspondent for the O’Reilly Factor. This is when Watters began to shine.  

His sharp wit and sense of humor gave Watters a unique reporting style, which polished him into one of the top recognizable faces on the Fox News network. In 2015, Jesse started hosting his own show, Watters’ World

Along with his own show, Watters published his book, How I Saved the World, in 2018, becoming a best-selling author. The book is a memoir of his life as a political journalist and a TV personality.  

What Is the Story of Noelle and Jesse Watters? 

What Is the Story of Noelle and Jesse Watters

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Noelle and Jesse met on the sets of Fox News Channel, and they started dating publicly in 2005. Four years later, the Fox News couple tied the knot, and in 2011 they became parents to Ellie and Sophie, their twin daughters. 

Over the 12 years Noelle spent at Fox News network, she managed to build a successful career for herself in the fashion industry and do what she’s been passionate about her whole life. But as a loving mother, she left all of it behind to focus on her family and raising her babies. 

Unfortunately, this picture-perfect family, which she sacrificed her job for, didn’t stay intact for long. After 9 years of marriage, Jesse and Noelle’s family broke apart in 2018 when they finalized their divorce papers.  

Why Did They Split Up? 

Why Did They Split Up

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In 2017, Jesse had an extramarital affair with his then-25-year-old Fox News Associate Producer, Emma DiGiovine.

Jesse and Emma met while working at Fox News network, and they reportedly went on vacation together in the Caribbean, which they documented on their social media platforms. 

Once Noelle knew about the affair, she was heartbroken by the fact that her husband would cheat on her and post it online without even caring about his wife’s feelings. She filed for divorce in October 2017 as soon as they went public with their affair.

After his then-wife filed for divorce, Jesse Watters informed the network in November 2017 about his relationship with Emma DiGiovine who worked closely with him and was part of his staff. She was then transferred to an opinion-based talk show called The Ingraham Angle. 

In August 2019, Jesse and Emma announced their engagement and got married 4 months later in December. They had their first baby boy in 2021, and 2 years later their family grew a little bigger when they had a baby girl.

Wrapping Up

Noelle now lives with her two daughters in Washington, DC, and chooses to keep her personal life as private as possible. 

She hasn’t married anyone after Jesse and has decided to dedicate her life to her daughters, Ellie and Sophie, and further pursue her passion for fashion and style. 

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