Replacing vs. Repairing: Which Option is Right for Your Windows?




Windows tend to be something of an afterthought for many homeowners…that is until something goes wrong, and then they are suddenly faced with the challenge of figuring out what to do next. When your windows begin to degrade, all sorts of terrible things can occur, not least of which is seeing your energy bills rise more than usual (which isn’t saying all that much these days).

Nonetheless, the longer you leave it without making a decision, the more damage can take place, making whatever choice you end up following more costly. This post will alleviate your analysis paralysis, help you to choose the best course of action for your circumstances, and allow you to choose whether it’s best to repair your broken windows or replace them altogether.

Benefits Of Replacement

Let’s begin by exploring a few primary reasons why a full replacement could be your best choice. In some cases, you could find that bringing in the pros to help you update and modernize your old windows in one fell swoop is a much better idea than attempting to fix what might very well be unfixable.

You Get To Select A More Modern Material

The first advantage of going down the replacement route is that you can start afresh with a brand-new style and utilize many of the modern materials that may not have been around when your windows were first fitted, which was probably when the house itself was built.

According to this Visalia home window replacement company, Fibrex is an exciting new option, prized for its superior durability over that of standard vinyl framings. Once the pros have come in and refitted either the broken windows or all of them, you can rest assured that the job is probably done for at least another decade, if not longer.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Nobody particularly enjoys spending an enormous chunk of their paycheck on energy bills, but that’s life. However, with prices continuously on the increase and no real signs of slowing down anytime soon (even perhaps getting worse for reasons outside our control), it’s a good idea to look for ways in which you can stall the increase or, better yet, attempt to reduce them somewhat.

A large portion of the energy is lost through your windows due to their very nature, but by opting to replace your old, draughty frames with lovely new ones, you will go some way in achieving your goal. Not only will the contractors be able to successfully seal the new frames to the building in such a way as to avoid heat loss, but if you select more modern double or triple glazing, you will find less energy escaping via this route.

You Can Update The Style

If you have never updated the exterior of your home since you moved in, it could be time for a refresh, and one of the best ways to go about this is by replacing the very thing that graces almost every wall. Furthermore, if they are already in need of replacing, you can kill two birds with one stone and mix up your style.

With so many styles and materials to choose from, there is a limitless way that you can go about things. You could opt to remain with the existing aesthetic, or instead completely update the look to something more befitting of your character.

Large Initial Expense, But You Don’t Have To Think About It

In most instances, the cost of replacement will likely be higher than the cost of repair, but once the money has been spent, you can probably forget about it for a long time, only focusing on the usual upkeep and maintenance issues.

Benefits Of Repairing

While replacing your older windows is sometimes the best option, other times, it may call for a less intrusive course of action.

Can Be Slightly Cheaper If You Have Many

If you have lots of older windows with minor issues, it can often be more affordable to repair them rather than footing the bill for an entire substitution. Just bear in mind that this is only relevant if the repairs are minor, and for anything more significant than a reseal or a patch-up, you could find it more economical just to bite the bullet and change them to new models.

Nevertheless, if it will only take a day or two and a couple of hundred bucks to buy the putty sealant, it’s perhaps more prudent to go down this route instead. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can always perform the fixes yourself…

You Can Do It Yourself If It’s A Minor Fix

If your windows have minor issues, doing the repairs yourself can be a great option. Small fixes like resealing or patching up different types of damage can save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment. All you need is a bit of time, the right tools, and some basic knowledge about the repair process. A typical minor fix is resealing windows to prevent drafts.

Older windows often develop gaps where air can seep through, increasing energy bills. By applying new sealant, you can improve the insulation of your home. This not only keeps your space warmer in winter and cooler in summer but also cuts down on rising energy costs. Doing minor repairs yourself can be straightforward and cost-effective, leaving you with a well-maintained home without breaking the bank.

Preserves Historic Charm And Character (If Relevant)

Preserving a home’s historic charm and character can be a powerful reason to consider repairing rather than replacing broken windows. For homeowners who cherish the unique architectural details of older properties, restoring the original windows can be a meaningful undertaking. Repairing your windows allows you to maintain the authentic appearance and distinctive elements that newer models might lack.

By addressing issues such as gaps, drafts, or broken panes, repairs can keep your home both beautiful and functional without compromising its historic integrity. Replacing old windows with modern alternatives may sometimes alter the overall aesthetics of a house, especially if they don’t match the original design. This is particularly important for homes in historical districts where maintaining the original look is crucial. Repairing windows can be a cost-effective way to ensure your property retains its historical appeal without extensive modifications.

The choice of whether to repair or replace lies firmly in your hands, but hopefully this post has given you some food for thought. Whatever road you go down, make sure that you understand the pros and cons and act accordingly.

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