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The Shiloh shepherd is a large dog breed that consists of a combination of a German shepherd and an Alaskan malamute. However, some Shiloh shepherds may have other large dog breeds mixed with them to help them grow larger.

These dogs have a friendly temperament, and according to Dog Academy’s in-depth breed guide, their large size makes them ideal candidates to be working dogs, service dogs, and watchdogs. That said, Shiloh shepherds aren’t perfect and may have health issues.

While mixed breeds are often healthier than purebred dogs, the Shiloh shepherd can have health problems that are common to German shepherds and Alaskan malamutes. Therefore, you should know what they are before you consider adopting.

Read on to learn about common Shiloh shepherd health Issues.

What Are the Common Shiloh Shepard Health Issues?

Shiloh shepherds have some breed-specific health issues but also health issues that impact most other large dog breeds. For example, hip and elbow dysplasia is common in Shiloh shepherds and other large dog breeds. Some other common health issues they may face include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Bloating
  • Heart problems later in life

Shiloh shepherds also have more breed-specific health issues that are rare in other breeds. Learn more about them below.


Another unique health problem that Shiloh shepherds face is panosteitis. Unfortunately, it’s a painful lameness disorder that can impact the way that your Shiloh shepherds stand.

It’s caused by problems with the locomotor system due to pain, neurological dysfunction, and other health problems. This stance problem can increase the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia in later years.

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

A common health condition that German shepherds and Shiloh shepherds face is small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome. What makes this condition problematic is how fast it happens without antibiotics and proper treatment.

Unfortunately, it can result in bloating, distension, and ulcers in your Shiloh shepherd’s stomach.

Emergency Gastrointestinal Syndrome

Shiloh shepherds are also at risk for emergency gastrointestinal syndrome. Unfortunately, this condition is hard to prevent and may require immediate surgery if you notice the symptoms: fatigue, laying down and being unable to stand, squealing, and howling.

Sadly, this condition can kill your Shiloh shepherd in just a few hours.

How to Prevent Shiloh Shepherd Health Issues?

Prevention is key when it comes to Shiloh Shepherd’s health issues. When you know how to prevent them, you can stop them from developing or prevent them from progressing to something worse. The good news is that preventing Shiloh Shepherd’s health issues doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn about our tips below.


A healthy diet is essential if you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life. This applies to every breed, but it’s even more important for large breeds, such as Shiloh shepherds. For example, Shiloh shepherds are massive dogs and need protein and fat to sustain their body mass.

Failing to adequately feed them healthy foods can result in not enough bone or muscle mass to support their larger frame. As they grow older and less energetic, you can start to lower their calorie intake to manage their weight.

Annual Vet Trips

Annual vet trips are the best way to prevent Shiloh Shepherd’s health issues. You can get pet insurance to reduce the cost, but you should always take them to the vet at least once per year and speak about any changes in their health. We recommend getting a full workup done as well, including blood work, tests for parasites, and anything else your vet thinks they need.


Shiloh shepherds are big dogs that need exercise. To prevent them from having joint and other health problems, taking them for at least 2 30-minute walks is enough to keep them happy and healthy.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are challenging to manage at older ages, but you can reduce the risk of them developing this problem by changing their exercise habits to involve less explosive movements like sprinting.

Stay Prepared for Shiloh Shepard Health Issues Today

When it comes to dealing with health issues in dogs, a lot of it comes down to being prepared. Simply knowing what health issues a Shiloh shepherd might have to deal with can help you combat them.

Furthermore, Shiloh shepherds’ health issues can develop at different stages of life, so annual vet trips and being prepared for leg and hip issues as they age can help you keep them healthy.

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