Solar Kits: Are They Worth It?




Are you eager to contribute toward reducing global warming by installing green energy in your home soon? The good news is that solar panel prices have fallen by over 43% in Minnesota since 2014.

If the latest prices are still out of reach, you can explore even cheaper options, like solar panel kits. These DIY innovations offer many of the benefits of solar power at a lower price.

Read on to find out if solar panel kits are worth the trouble.

What Are Solar Panel Kits?

Solar kits offer a convenient and affordable way to harness the benefits of solar power. They are all-in-one solar solutions sourced from top suppliers and comprise the following components:

Solar Panels

These are the core components of any solar system. There are three main types of solar panels available nowadays:

  • Highly efficient monocrystalline panels
  • More affordable polycrystalline panels
  • Versatile thin-film panels

They’re made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into direct-current electricity.

This must be converted to AC for use in the home.

Mounting Hardware

Solar panel kits usually include all the hardware you need to mount them on your roof or other structures. This includes screws, rails, and brackets for secure attachment.


Electricity travels from the solar panels into your home via wiring that connects the inverter, charge controller, and solar panels. The wiring forms a complete electrical circuit to ensure the efficient transmission of electricity.


You can’t use solar power in your home unless you convert the DC power produced by the PV panels into AC power. The inverter performs this task in a solar system.

When an inverter is installed, you can also feed excess electricity back into the grid if you want to use net metering.

Battery Bank

A battery bank stores excess electricity generated by your solar panels for later use. You can use this stored power during times of low solar production, such as in the evenings or on cloudy days.

With a battery bank, you can operate all your appliances independently of the grid if you install enough solar panels and batteries to suit your energy requirements.

If you stay connected to the grid, you can use a solar kit without a battery backup system, if preferred.

Charge Controller

This component regulates the flow of electricity between the PV panels and the battery bank if you have one installed. It controls the voltage and current to prevent overcharging and protect the battery from damage.

When you buy a solar power system kit from a reputable supplier, you can rest assured that all the components have been rigorously tested for optimum performance and durability.

Benefits of a Solar Kit

A solar kit offers all the same benefits as a professionally installed solar system, plus a few more. When you implement one of these solar solutions for your home, you can expect the following:


You can save as much as 50% on your installation if you buy a solar kit online instead of installing it from a local solar company. In theory, you’ll get the same solar system and the same results at a fraction of the price.

Due to the high demand for solar installations, you won’t have to wait as long as you would for a professional team to do your installation.


You can DIY an installation and save even more by putting together the elements yourself. However, it can be complicated to calculate how many panels you need and which components suit each other best.

With a solar panel kit, all the hard work is already done for you. You simply choose a configuration that suits your needs, order it online, and wait for it to arrive.

No complicated calculations are involved, and there is no frustration due to mismatched components. If you’d like more control, some solar kit suppliers allow you to mix and match components as you see fit.


Like all DIY projects, selecting and installing a solar installation can bring great achievement and personal satisfaction. You’ll learn new skills along the way and soon be the envy of your neighbors, thanks to the ongoing savings offered by solar panels.

Drawbacks of Solar Kits

While solar kits certainly have their uses, there are better ways to switch to solar in Minneapolis without spending a fortune. Solar loans and PPAs allow you to harness the full benefits of solar through affordable, fixed monthly payments.

Plus, when you factor in government and state incentives and rebates, as well as a lifetime of utility bill savings, you’ll find that a solar system is more affordable than you thought.

When you install solar power yourself, you miss out on the benefits of having an experienced installer do the work for you. These experts will select the ideal panels for your circumstances depending on your location, power needs, and roof.

They will help you get through the permitting process seamlessly and are always at hand to assist if you experience any problems with your installation. A solar installer can also assist you with ongoing maintenance for your solar panels and guarantee their workmanship.

If you decide to sell your home, a professional installation will give you credibility and could add even more to the value of your home.

Like most DIY projects, installing solar on your means, you might not enjoy the benefits you expect. Working with electricity is also a dangerous undertaking without the expertise of a qualified electrician.

Is a Solar Kit the Best Fit for You?

Solar kits offer a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of solar power and help protect the environment. However, it’s best to get advice from an experienced electrician when installing them yourself.

To avoid disappointment, it’s imperative to shop around and compare prices, read reviews, and consider all your options before you commit to a solar installation. Whether you opt for a solar kit or a professionally installed system, renewable power remains the best choice for modern, environmentally-savvy homeowners.

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