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A country located in the Middle East of West Asia, the United Arab Emirates, even though it is surrounded by deserts remains one the best and top places that people choose to travel to every year. This is due to the UAE giving more than just a place for people to stay, but the stunning landscapes and numerous opportunities in different aspects of life for residents and investors are what make it a dream place for most.

Also, unlike other countries that set stringent rules, the UAE policies are very friendly, and the right amenities and infrastructures are provided to make living as comfortable and convenient as it can get. Their real estate market has various options that are aimed at satisfying different budgets and preferences, and there is probably no better place in the world to enjoy such a high-class life.

Top Residential Cities in the UAE

In the UAE, most of the cities in each emirate can be said to be top-notch when compared to other countries in the world. However, there are some cities known for their exceptional residential areas and likewise friendly policies that are aimed at satisfying people from different walks of life with their different needs and preferences of course.

Without a doubt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi lead the charge as cities with the most developed residential areas.

1. Dubai

A very popular city in the UAE, well-known for having multitudes of options whether residential or even commercial. Talk about luxurious properties with waterfronts, gated communities, and a lot of urban apartments and buildings of different styles. The government in this city has been working tirelessly to make the city more accommodating for everyone, an effort which has borne fruit with the implementation of bright ideas that have been keeping the real estate market, and ensuring transparency and maintaining the trust of investors.

Also, they offer various incentives to anyone who owns a property in the city like providing them with long-term visas. This among many others have made people want to purchase property for investment in Dubai especially.

2. Abu Dhabi

The capital of the UAE is said to even be better and more advisable when it comes to residential properties. The situation in Abu Dhabi might be different from what people think even if it is the government seat of the UAE.

Contrary to what most would think, it is not even as busy as Dubai, but anyhow, not a lot of other cities would boast of marvelous places like Saadiyat Island and Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. They even have more amenities and policies in place for peaceful community living among their residents, promoting green spaces and recreational facilities within the residential areas.

3. Sharjah and Ajman are other budget-friendly prime locations for buying property in the UAE.

With good residential options that won’t lose to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and the upside of being more affordable, they are top alternatives worth considering. These cities prioritize community development and affordability, making them appealing to families and individuals seeking a balance between quality living and cost-effectiveness.

For Residents and Aspiring Residents

Rules and regulations are what make us humans so special, residents can show their support and contribute to a safe, harmonious, and thriving community in the UAE but following the rules.

To make sure you don’t get in any form of trouble, respect the laws and customs of any land you find yourself in. Get to know the laws and customs of the UAE and the exact city you are in to ensure you are in line at all times. For example, simple things like dress culture.

Also, maintaining public order starts with oneself, you not only need to respect people but have some respect for property too, be it public or private property. Disposing of waste properly and participating in community activities is a way to show your respect to the community that has given you such an opportunity. Of course showing respect and courtesy towards fellow residents, neighbors, and community members will ensure a continuing harmonious environment.

Property Ownership Made Easy in the UAE

Given how popular the country is, you can always expect competition left and right when it comes to real estate investment in the UAE. However, you can plan to stay way ahead of the competition by using; the real estate aggregator. They have various properties from all over the UAE’s 7 Emirates with different options as well.

Different property types for sale or rent, including apartments, bungalows, penthouses, townhouses, hotels, cafes and restaurants, warehouses, shops, offices, etc., and the list goes on.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that non-UAE nationals are allowed to own freehold properties in designated areas. Designated areas are specific areas where non-citizens can own freehold properties in each emirate. Also, non-UAE citizens can only own certain types of property and this depends on the Emirates and its regulations.

Purchasing a property in the UAE will often require you to pay some amount upfront, normally 20% to 30% of the property’s value.

Without a need to mention, everyone must follow the normal legal procedures and documentation requirements when purchasing property and obtaining necessary permits and approvals from the relevant government authorities, more so for non-citizens. The UAE does not impose income taxes on property ownership but you can still be taxed on other things, like property registration fees and the like.

Lastly, ownership of properties does not automatically grant you residency in the UAE but it may quicken the process.

There is a Chance for Everyone

Owning residential properties in the UAE is a mix of opportunities and challenges for non-citizens. The country being accommodating towards foreigners is a plus but it can still be hectic at different points when it comes to buying properties in the UAE. Navigating the legal procedures and financial requirements, for example, are some of the things you have to take conscious note of.

However, with careful planning, adherence to regulations, and appropriate use of the recommended site, there is a chance for everyone, including you, to buy a home in one of the UAE’s cities.

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