The Evolution of Slots: A Guide on Progressive Slot Machines




Back when I started out, slot machines were the loud, flashy sideshows of a gambling floor. Roulette wheels spun, and cards shuffled, but the slots? They just hummed along with bright lights winking at passersby.

Soon, things started to shift. First, it was the move away from heavy gears and levers. Electronics crept in, bringing in video screens and more elaborate bonus rounds. It’s nothing too wild, but you could see where it’s going. Slots started to get a personality. The themes got bolder, the graphics better, and somewhere along the line, the jackpots swelled up. You started hearing about progressive slots.

That was the real turning point. The “one-armed bandits” weren’t just for grandma passing time anymore. They became center stage and changed the casino floor. Slots multiplied, with their flashy displays and chiming jackpots becoming the heartbeat of the whole operation.

What Exactly is a Progressive Slot?

Now, what is a progressive slot machine, you may ask? Well, it is not your average slot machine. Regular slots payout fixed amounts. You win a jackpot, it’s a nice chunk of change, sure, but then the machine resets. Progressives play a whole different game. Think of these slots as the lottery ticket of the casino floor. See, every time someone takes a spin on a progressive slot machine, a tiny bit of their bet gets added to the jackpot.

Imagine hundreds, even thousands of people playing those linked machines. The jackpot obviously starts to climb. The other thing about progressive slots is that they come in variations. You have standalone machines, where the jackpot is tied to just that one. Then you got the wide-area progressives, linked across multiple casinos, even states.

Brief Guide on Progressive Slot Machines

Every progressive slot machine has its quirks. Do your homework! Know how much you need to bet for jackpot eligibility, what the current jackpot amount is, and what symbols trigger the win. This information is usually displayed on the machine or through the online slot’s rules section.

Inform yourself about RTP, or Return to Player. It tells you the average percentage of money wagered that the slot pays back out over time. Progressive slot machines generally have lower RTPs than regular slots. Shop around and compare before playing – even a small difference in RTP can make a big impact over the long run.

Some progressive slot machines have a “must hit by” feature. This means the jackpot is guaranteed to drop before it reaches a certain amount. It’s smart to check out those. Progressives are notoriously high-variance games. You’ll likely experience longer losing streaks punctuated by smaller wins compared to regular slots. But the good thing is, that online casinos often have wider selections of progressive slots, and potentially higher jackpots due to the immense player base contributing. It’s also easier to compare RTPs and look around for the best current offerings.

Something to Keep in Mind

It’s good to mention that most online casinos don’t create their slot games in-house, but that’s probably what you would expect. They license them from big-name software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech. These companies actually develop and maintain those giant progressive slot networks that span multiple casinos. As it was already mentioned, a network of linked progressive slots is like a giant piggy bank.

Each bet across the network contributes a tiny portion to the jackpot, making it grow faster than any single casino could manage alone. Of course, the software provider takes a small cut of every wager made. This covers their costs for developing and running the network. After all, these studios often have hundreds of employees who not only develop new games but also regularly update existing titles.


What did all this mean for the player? Reputable software providers are regulated and audited by third-party agencies to ensure the games and the jackpots are truly random and fair. This means the player should also look out for online casinos with solid reputations and proper licensing. They’re more likely to partner with trustworthy software providers. Also, read the fine print. Check the terms and conditions regarding progressive jackpots on the casino’s website. Some might have payout limits, installment plans, or other restrictions, especially for huge wins.

Because casino regulations differ between countries and regions, it’s important to follow local laws and regulations while enjoying the excitement of gambling.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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