The Evolution of Slots: A Guide on Mega Way and Hold & Win Slot Machines




You know, I still have fond memories of hitting the casino floor and watching people, young and old, so absorbed in their slot games that nothing else seemed to exist.

Three-reel slots with fruit and bar symbols ruled the day in those days. But fast-forward thirty-some years later, with a few substantial technological leaps in between; slots have quickly become the most significant game category for retail and online casinos.

When the first online progressive slots came onto the scene, I told myself this was it. I’ve died and gone to heaven. But Heaven went up a notch by adding mega way and hold and win features in today’s slots.

What Exactly Are Mega Way and Hold and Win Slots?

If you’re scratching your head about what precisely a mega way and hold and win slots are, let us satisfy your curiosity. Mega Way slots are a special breed of slot games where new reels are added to the regular fixed reels.

For example, Gonzo’s Quest, one of the first Mega Way slots, only has 20 pay lines for base gameplay. But when you trigger the avalanche feature, the Mega Ways fun begins.

Another way to look at mega ways is a higher or more sophisticated form of cascade wins. New symbols come to take the spot of those responsible for the win.

Also, an additional reel enters the screen, with the winning multiplier growing by one. This Mega Way sensation continues to get new members to play at a casino online for their chances to stack their wins, often only for a minimum wager.

While it’s hard to top the feeling or the chance to win $1 million playing a progressive slot, Mega Way slots give them a run for their money, where sometimes, well over ten thousand pay lines can become active as you keep winning.

Classic casino games like roulette and blackjack have variants, as do mega ways slots. A feature similar to the mega way is the tumble feature.

Games like Gates of Olympus continue to grow the winning multiplier as new symbols tumble onto the reels to replace the ones that formed a winning combination.

But what exactly are Hold and Win Slots? If you’re familiar with re-spins, you already have one foot in the door with Hold and Win Slots. The concept of Hold and Win builds requires certain symbols to land on the reels like traditional re-spins.

And while that reel with the special symbols is locked, and the others are spun, Hold and Win introduces higher paying symbols or unique icons that only land in this feature to win.

That way, you compound your win. Hence, the name Hold and Win. Depending on the game, you might also be able to win a jackpot or a progressive one on top of the Hold and Win re-spins.

Brief Guide on Mega Way and Hold and Win Slot Games

While Mega Way and Hold and Win slots remain in their classes, they are imperfect by any stretch of the imagination. Like any other slot game, you should always consider the odds and, most importantly, the RTP with these games.

By nature, most Mega Way and Hold and Win slots are highly volatile, meaning they might not always pay a mega jackpot or a large bonus frequently.

But, then again, the charm for Mega Way and Hold and Win games is to rack up handsomely for sometimes the lowest bet possible.

Also, due to the extreme potential for massive wins, many Mega Way and Hold and Win slots might have higher minimum wages than regular video slots. So, if you’re counting dollars, you might factor this in.

Something to Keep in Mind

As you probably suspected, especially if you are a veteran slot player, casinos, including online ones, rely heavily on third-party game developers for Hold and Win and Mega Way slots.

NetEnt and IGT lead the pack in these aspects, but others are catching on. The next time you log into your online account, check the game lobby to find particular sections for Mega Way and Hold and Win slots.


So, should you spin or not? While each online casino brings something different, they all share the same commitment to providing a safe playing space.

Of course, bonuses and promotions are another consideration. And yes, many of them qualify and are eligible for Mega Way and Hold and Win slots, including no-deposit bonuses.

Eventually, another crucial consideration is adhering to local laws and regulations. Since gambling rules vary by country and region, following them can also impact your enjoyment.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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