Colourful Fortunes: Exploring the Charmed Influence of Lucky Colours in Gambling




What is the use of colours in a casino? If you take a curious look, you will notice that casinos tend to work on similar colour schemes.

Different hues and schemes provide a welcoming and user-friendly appeal to visitors. Moreover, other colours can have a different impact on the overall casino experience.

Like $200 no deposit bonus codes Australia, colours are used to provide a fortune of experience to the users. So, let’s explore the colour theory and psychology behind using them in a casino:

Colour Psychology In Casinos 

Colour psychology is used in a broad spectrum of marketing and promotional endeavours. Designers, artists, marketing experts and anyone from such creative fields heavily rely on colour psychology. People subconsciously use colour psychology every day, as well.

However, colour psychology has a varied impact, depending on the culture. Cultures, superstitions, and other similar aspects can also impact colour theory and psychology. But when someone designs something, they keep the masses under consideration.

A few examples are:

  • Red is often associated with danger, warning, passion, fire, and other similar aspects.
  • Yellow is known to catch the attention and focus. It is often associated with education, traditions, and more.
  • White is often known for being bright, spacious, pure, and innocent.

However, as mentioned above, colour psychology can vary depending on the culture or the region. For example, pink is often associated with love because the mass media promotes it as the colour of love.

Colours and Their Uses in a Casino 

Whenever you decide to visit the casino or an online casino next time, look at the colours. If you closely observe, you will learn that each colour has a purpose. Even the hues, tones, and shades of the colours play a vital role.


It is a mix of red and yellow, making it a perfect action colour. An action colour in casinos is used to get you to do something. For example, all the buttons like ‘Spin, Start, Deposit, etc.’ will be orange.


The golden colour is associated with luxury. As it is a rich colour, you will see it used in designs for coins, jewellery pieces, tokens, and other things that showcase luxury, status, and class.


Brown is often interchanged with blue for its grounded and earthly appeal. It provides a balance in the casino and gives a touch of realism to things.


Red is often associated with the stop, warning, or announcement sign. Therefore, you will usually see red when you have a low balance or don’t win as much.


Yellow is used to catch the attention of the players. Most announcements that quickly grab your attention are in yellow. The colour scheme quickly makes you pay attention and creates a sense of urgency.


Green is a more stable colour; in many cultures, it is associated with luck. For example, in casinos, green clover, green leprechaun, and many other things are associated with luck and fortune.


While brown offers a more grounded appeal, blue creates trust and transparency. If blue is used somewhere, you will have more faith in placing the bets and making a gamble.


Often combined with red or golden, black is a dominant colour that gives the impression of authority, luxury, and riches. Therefore, you will see black VIP memberships or golden VIP memberships.


White is often associated with bad luck despite being a colour of purity and innocence. As gambling is anything but innocent, people tend to believe that white colour is too transparent for a casino.


Silver, grey, and other shades aren’t used as much because they don’t create any wanted impression or expression. At most, you will see silver being used for silver membership or coins for you to want to move higher.

Lucky Colours Casino Superstition 

The above-given colour theory and psychology can change with time. However, it comes with experience. Using them alone won’t provide the desired effects. It all comes down to how you can manipulate them.

Bright shades are also used to attract attention to different casino promotions. They grab the player’s focus and tempt them to participate. There are many tips for maximising no deposit bonuses. Using lucky colours or numbers or wearing them can be a few. Here is a table of a few colours used superstitiously and popularly accepted.

Colour Culture Effects Item
Red Chinese (Feng Shui) Brings Luck Underwear
Green Irish Brings Luck Hat, Clothes, Clove, etc
Gold Las Vegas Fortune, Luck, Riches Anything golden (light, coins, etc.)
Blue Atlantic City, California Sense of Trust Chips

Colours of Casino Chips 

When you visit a real casino, you will notice that there are chips for you to wager. Each chip has a fixed value, and most casinos follow a similar scheme.

  • White Chips: $1
  • Yellow Chips: $2 (Optional)
  • Red Chips: $5
  • Blue Chips: $10
  • Grey Chips: $20 (Optional)
  • Green Chips: $25
  • Orange Chips: $50 (Optional)
  • Black Chips: $100
  • Pink Chips: $250 (Optional)
  • Purple Chips: $500
  • Maroon Chips: $1000
  • Light Blue Chips: $2,000 (Optional)
  • Brown Chips: $5,000 (Optional)
  • Golden Chips: $10,000 (Optional), $1,000

However, it is important to note that not all casinos use these. The ones that are marked optional aren’t found in most casinos. Most casinos either use Golden Chips or Maroon Chips for $1,000. If it is a prestigious casino, you might find Golden Chips worth $10,000.

Please Note: The values are mostly globally accepted, but each casino could have its definition for each chip value.

Wrap Up

There’s no need to feel manipulated by using colour theory in casinos. They play an important part in the user experience worldwide. Even apps, operating systems, and advertisements utilise colour theory.

As for deciding the fortune or lucky colour, it all comes down to the player. Everyone has a lucky colour, thing, or gesture.

But make sure to practise responsible gambling and don’t succumb to gambling addiction.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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