The Power of a Business Card with QR Code




Business cards in the digital age have become more than just contact info. Place a QR code on your business card and help your new acquaintances find their way into your digital realm.

They’re only one scan away from your official website, portfolio, or landing page, all of which represent what you do and how you do it. This little trick can help upgrade the quality of your networking. Here’s a guide on how and why to create a QR code for your business card.

Enhanced Connectivity and Engagement

Once you add a QR Code to your business card, you are giving instant access to the information they need. With just a quick scan, they can jump to your website, check out your work, or even give you a phone call.

By providing this seamless connection, you’re opening the door to a more personal and engaging experience, without sacrificing the personal touch of an in-person conversation. There’s no need to tack on additional URLs or email addresses.

Streamlined Information Sharing

A QR Code is essentially a replacement for your business card. It can link your recipient to a digital business card where they can find all of the needed information. This means you do not have to fit your CV onto the tiny card that will either go into your recipient’s wallet to never be seen again or be lost.

This little square can store so much information, linking your recipient to your phone number, email address, a sample of your work, and even a video resume.

Modern and Professional Image

Give your business a modern, professional look by using QR codes. When you acquire this new technology, you benefit from more than just the ability to say you’re ahead of the curve. You’re projecting yourself as an innovative player, one who steps up to use brand-new methods of trying to connect with your potential customers. These are big differences, and learning how to use QR codes will set you streets ahead of the old stodgy thinkers in the marketplace.

Easy to Update

Unchain yourself from the constraints of a business card – never be trapped with old contact information again. With a business card, you’re at a loss until you get a new one made. Save yourself the extra money and wait time of replacing business cards for more simply just updating your details. Now your contacts can have your most recent contact information, instantly. No more old phone numbers or emails, just scan and update.

Environmentally Friendly

Getting a business card into a hand is only half the battle. To make sure it stays there, you need to make it memorable and useful — and a QR code makes this possible. When your business card is saved digitally, you can update your info on the go, making sure it’s the most valuable it can be. Plus, with fewer physical cards, you’re making moves to save our planet. Say goodbye to paper waste, and say hello to the future of networking.

How to Create a QR Code for Your Business Card?

Creating a QR code for a business card is simple and doable with online QR code generators. There is now a wide range of options out there where you can make a QR code specifying the type you need — for a social media profile, website, CV, or even a resume in PDF form.

It’s as simple as choosing the type of QR code you need in QR code maker websites, filling out the necessary data, tweaking the design if you wish, and then downloading the QR code to stick in your business card design.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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