The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Lakeside Wedding




With some planning and inspiration, your dream of a breathtaking outdoor wedding by the tranquil waters of a beautiful lake can become a reality.

Imagine the serene backdrop of glistening waters, the soft rustle of the trees, and the warm breeze carrying the scent of wildflowers as you and your beloved exchange vows.

In this blog, we will explore how to plan the perfect lakeside wedding, from choosing the right location and decorations to creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Are you excited to start planning the wedding of your dreams? Read on!

Choosing Your Lakeside Venue

First, find the perfect spot. Look into nearby lakes for wedding venues. For a big affair, think about a resort by Lake Tahoe or look for places to get married in Vegas. For a cozy setting, consider a family-owned lakeside cabin.

Make sure the location vibes with your vision. Spend time at each spot, picturing your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Check out the scenery and how it fits with your colors and style.

Outdoor Decor That Dazzles

The natural beauty of a lake and your outdoor wedding decorations would be so pretty. Use flowers like blue hydrangeas, wildflowers, and greenery to match the nature around you.

Add wooden touches for a rustic feel. Lanterns, lights, or chandeliers on trees can make a magical glow at sunset, reflecting off the water. Candles in vases along the waterfront create a calm, romantic vibe at your wedding reception.

Preparing for Nature’s Surprises

For outdoor weddings, you must plan for weather like rain or shine. Have a backup plan for unexpected weather changes, like renting a tent.

Also, consider heavier decor items for windy conditions and think about the weight of your dress. If it’s hot, provide your guests with parasols, handheld fans, and water stations.

The Magic of Photography

Lakeside weddings give you lots of beautiful backgrounds for photos. Find a photographer who can use natural light and outdoor wedding photographs. Talk about what you want in your photos and where at your venue you want pictures.

For more relaxed shots, think about getting drone photos. They’ll show your lakeside wedding from above and capture all the natural beauty around you on your big day.

Crafting Your Lakeside Menu

One exciting part of a wedding is the food! Having a wedding by a lake lets you create a menu that matches the setting. Use fresh, local ingredients like seafood, fish, and seasonal fruits and veggies.

You can add a special cocktail inspired by the lake, maybe with local herbs or fruits. Think about serving food that’s easy to eat outside and plan how to keep it hot or cold.

A Dreamy Sendoff

For a lakeside wedding, make the conclusion as memorable as the beginning. Plan a grand sendoff that complements the natural setting.

Sparklers are a crowd-pleasing favorite, but eco-friendly options like biodegradable confetti or a release of flower petals onto the water can be considered. Coordinate your exit with fanfare for beautiful final moments.

Celebrating Love With a Lakeside Wedding to Remember

Whether exchanging vows at dawn or dancing under the stars, a lakeside wedding blends natural elements and personal touches to craft a dreamy day. With these steps, your lakeside nuptials will capture your love and the beauty of the outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? Start your lakeside wedding planning today and make unforgettable memories in a stunning natural setting. Cheers to love, nature, and happily ever after!

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Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
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