Theragun Prime vs. Elite: Which One Should You Choose?




Do you spend long hours at your desk and suffer from chronic back pain? Maybe you struggle with muscle soreness after every workout. If you’re looking for a way to relieve tense and sore muscles, a massage gun could be what you’re looking for.

Theragun Prime and Elite offer percussion massage therapy to reduce muscle stiffness. They’re two of the most popular choices on the market, but what sets them apart?

Today, we’ll take a close look at Theragun Prime vs. Elite. We’ll compare their performance, features, and more to help you make an informed decision and make the most out of your massage sessions.

Theragun Prime vs. Elite: Comparison

Theragun is well-known as a top brand in the percussion massage gun market. If you’re considering getting a massage gun, a Theragun is a better choice than the dupes you’ll find online.

Even though Theragun is pricier, it surpasses other brands in quality. The difference in motor power between Theragun and other brands is obvious and instantly felt.

Prime and Elite are high-quality models from Theragun’s fourth generation of massage guns. They share many similarities, but some key differences may impact your choice.

Therabody App

Theragun Prime and Elite can connect to the Therabody app on your smartphone. Through the app, you can control the speed and monitor the force of your massage gun.

You can also choose from pre-loaded guided massage routines on the app, or follow step-by-step guides to the proper execution of percussive therapy.

Additionally, the app offers guided warm-up and recovery routines. It also provides personalized wellness tips based on your preferences and goals.


Theragun Prime and Elite feature a similar design with a sleek, ergonomic shape. Theragun’s patented triangle design sets it apart from other massage guns.

It’s easier to grip and maneuver while applying pressure to different areas of the body. Its shape also distributes the device’s weight evenly, so it doesn’t strain the wrist even after using it for extended periods.

Their ergonomic multi-grip makes them comfortable to hold and use. When it comes to the differences in design, choosing which you like better boils down to your personal preference.

Both massage guns look modern and beautiful. The two main differences between them are their size and finish.


Elite is slightly bigger and heavier than Prime. However, it’s hard to tell they’re different in size unless you’re looking at them side by side.

Since Prime is lighter and smaller, people who like to travel with their Theragun may prefer it over Elite.


Theragun Prime has a matte finish and is only available in black. On the other hand, Theragun Elite has a shiny finish and is available in either black or white.

Battery Life and Charging

Prime and Elite both come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides a significant amount of use on a single charge.

The battery life for both devices is up to 120 minutes of continuous use when fully charged.


Amplitude is one of the most important features to consider when buying a massage gun. It refers to the distance the massage head moves back and forth during a massage.

It’s an essential feature of massage guns because it determines the depth and the area of the body that can be reached effectively.

Theragun Prime and Elite both have an amplitude of 16 mm, providing a good balance between depth and comfort.


Despite having the same amplitude, the two models differ in force. Elite has a higher maximum stall force of 40 lbs than Prime’s 30 lbs.

Due to its higher force, Elite is capable of more powerful massage strokes than Prime. As such, athletes and other people who need a more intense massage experience may prefer it over Prime.

That said, if you don’t need stronger massages for specific reasons, Prime is sufficient. It can also give deep and impactful massages that relieve muscle tension effectively.


The speed of a massage gun refers to the number of strokes it can deliver per minute. It can also affect the depth and intensity of the massage.

Both Theragun Prime and Elite have a speed range of 1750 to 2400 percussions per minute. Their speed is adjustable at five levels.

  • Level 1: 1750 ppm
  • Level 2: 1900 ppm
  • Level 3: 2100 ppm
  • Level 4: 2200 ppm
  • Level 5: 2400 ppm



The massage guns come with a variety of attachments or heads. Each type can be used for a different type of massage or to target a different area of the body.

Theragun Elite comes with five attachments, while Prime only comes with four. Here’s a breakdown of the attachments that come with the devices:

Theragun Elite:

  1. Dampener attachment: Designed for tender or bony areas.
  2. Standard ball attachment: This can be used for most muscle groups.
  3. Thumb attachment: Designed for trigger points and lower back.
  4. Cone attachment: Used for pin-pointed massage on hands and feet.
  5. Wedge attachment: Used for areas like shoulder blades and IT bands.

Theragun Prime:

  1. Dampener attachment
  2. Standard ball attachment
  3. Thumb attachment
  4. Cone attachment

The extra wedge attachment may sway you to pick Elite, but you can buy this attachment separately even if you opt for Prime.

The attachments sell for around $20 each on the Therabody website.

QuietForce Technology

Prime and Elite are both equipped with Theragun’s QuietForce Technology, which delivers powerful yet quiet massage therapy.

All their massage guns from the fourth generation use their newest brushless motor. It delivers up to 40 lbs of stall force, but it’s 75% quieter than older models.

Speed Indicators

Theragun Elite has an OLED screen where you can see and adjust the speed. This is an upgrade from the LED speed indicators of Prime.

Elite’s OLED screen also comes with a responsive force meter which shows how much pressure you’re applying to the massage area. Having this meter can be helpful when you’re massaging someone else and want to monitor how much pressure you’re exerting.

If you’re mostly using the massage gun on yourself, the added force meter isn’t very helpful because you can feel if the force is enough.

On this score, Elite is a better choice if you think you’ll need the responsive force meter or you prefer an OLED screen. Otherwise, Prime can work just as well because it has the most important features you’ll need.

Protective Carrier

Theragun Prime and Elite come in different protective carriers. Prime comes with a protective carrying pouch, while you’ll get Elite in a protective carrying case.

The pouch is a draw-string pouch where you can put your Theragun. It might not be suitable to put all your attachments and your charger inside your pouch with your massage gun.

You may end up scratching the massage gun if you put the charger inside the pouch. It also isn’t as organized as the case.

The protective carrying case is a briefcase with specific slots for your massage gun, attachments, and charger. This is more organized.

The slots inside also ensure the separate pieces won’t knock against each other, causing damage.

That being said, most users don’t need to travel with their charger and all their attachments. Most people just need to bring their Theragun to the gym. If this is the case with you, the carrying pouch will work well.

If you like carrying the attachments and charger, however, the case may suit your needs better.


Prime is more affordable than Elite. You can buy it for around $300, while Elite is typically sold for around $400.

Therabody claims that Elite offers “the best value.” However, many users who want to save money while still getting the quality they’re looking for prefer Prime over Elite.

The reason behind this is both guns are on equal footing on the most important features you want in a massage gun, such as speed and amplitude.

So, if you want to get a high-quality, effective massage gun for a lower price, you should consider buying Prime over Elite.

The Verdict

Theragun Prime and Elite are two highly effective massage guns that offer a range of features and benefits for users. Which one is better, though?

Elite is more expensive than Prime, as it comes with more features like a higher stall force, an OLED screen, and an extra wedge attachment.

That being said, the price difference is so significant that some people may opt for Prime, which is on par with Elite on most primary features.

Ultimately, your choice should depend on your own needs, preferences, and budget.

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