Top Features to Consider When Choosing the Best SUV for Families




Selecting the right SUV for your family is a decision that balances a wide array of factors, ranging from safety to comfort, versatility, and technology.

With many options available in the market, it’s vital to narrow down your search based not only on personal preference but on the requirements of an active family lifestyle.

Here are the top features you should focus on when picking the best SUV for families as your trusty family companion. Read on!

Safety Comes First

Regarding family vehicles, safety is not a feature you want to compromise on. Look for SUVs that are equipped with the latest safety technologies, such as:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Essential for long road trips, this system adjusts your speed to maintain a safe following distance, easing the strain on driver fatigue. It also makes navigating through stop-and-go traffic more manageable.

Blind Spot Monitoring

A crucial aid for highway driving, it alerts you if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot before you change lanes. Some systems even take over to keep you from veering into a neighboring lane.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This technology can prevent an accident by applying the brakes in case of an impending collision. It’s instrumental in city driving, where sudden stops are expected.

Lane-Departure Warning/Assist

It keeps you in your lane and alerts you if you start drifting out. Some systems even automatically steer the vehicle back into its lane.

Spacious and Versatile Interior

Space can make or break the usability of an SUV for growing families. Check for features that make the most of interior space, like:

Configurable Seating

The ability to fold, slide, and remove seats is invaluable when switching between people and cargo modes.

Panoramic Sunroofs

A large sunroof can help open up the cabin and create an airy feeling for kids and adults alike. Some models even have a dual-paned sunroof to let the light in and keep the heat out.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Staying connected and entertained is a must for the modern family. Look out for tech-savvy features like:

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Keeping devices connected to the internet is essential for everyone’s sanity, especially on road trips. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot lets you connect multiple devices and avoid data overages.

Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems

Many modern SUVs have built-in screens for backseat passengers, wireless headphones, and HDMI inputs for gaming devices. These systems can make long car rides more enjoyable for everyone.

Integrative Smartphone Connectivity

Features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to access your phone’s apps and functions through the car’s infotainment system. This means hands-free calling and messaging.

Ride Comfort and Smoothness

Your SUV must provide a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Consider:

Adjustable Suspension

Some SUVs offer adjustable ride heights or dampers that you can set to a more comfortable mode, especially useful when driving on rough roads. This feature is handy when loading and unloading heavy items from the trunk.

Quality Materials and Upholstery

Seats covered in leather or high-quality cloth can provide added comfort and a touch of luxury. Look for models with soft-touch materials and plenty of legroom to keep everyone comfortable during long journeys.

Noise Insulation

A quiet cabin means conversations and music are more apparent, and naps are uninterrupted.

Look for a family vehicle with good noise insulation and sound-deadening materials, especially if you plan on doing a lot of highway driving.

Fuel Efficiency

With fuel costs and the awareness of our environmental footprint at an all-time high, finding an SUV that balances performance with fuel efficiency is critical. Features that help in this respect include:

Hybrid or Electric Options

These are popular for their improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Many automakers offer a hybrid or electric version of their popular SUV models, making finding one that fits your family’s needs more accessible.

Eco Modes

Some vehicles offer driving modes focusing on fuel economy, which is particularly useful for city driving or stop-and-go traffic. This feature can also help extend the range of an electric car.

Easy-to-Use Technology

A robust infotainment system with intuitive controls can prevent distractions while driving. When choosing an SUV, consider the following:

Touchscreen Sensitivity

A responsive touchscreen can make navigating the infotainment system much less frustrating. Look for an SUV with a touchscreen that responds to your touch.

Voice Commands

At their best, these systems can understand natural speech and prevent you from fumbling with controls. Look for SUVs with voice commands that control various functions, such as climate and audio.

The 2023 Genesis GV70, for example, exemplifies many of the qualities outlined above, making it a strong contender for families searching for a new SUV.

With its dedication to safety, the GV70 comes equipped with advanced driver-assistance technologies.

Towing Capabilities and Off-Road Performance

For families that enjoy outdoor activities, camping, or water sports, towing capacity and off-road performance shouldn’t be overlooked.

Make sure the SUV can handle the weight of your boat, trailer, or camper. Options like all-wheel drive, hill descent control, and underbody skid plates can make taking the road less traveled much less daunting.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS is more than safety features; many assist with driving tasks to ease the strain on the driver. With simple route guidance, these systems can learn your driving habits and suggest alternate routes to avoid traffic.

Some SUVs use cameras to check driver attention and can provide audible or visual alerts if it detects drowsiness or inattention.

Some SUVs can parallel park or reverse into a parking space, which can significantly help crowded urban areas.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Lastly, consider the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction. A good warranty and reliable after-sales service can save you a lot of headaches down the road. :

Some manufacturers offer warranties that cover your SUV for 60,000 miles or more, saving you on repairs for the first few years of ownership. Some brands include regular maintenance at the sale price of the SUV.

Choose the Best SUV for Families

By keeping these features in mind when shopping for an SUV, you can ensure that your new family vehicle will provide safety, comfort, and enjoyment for all your journeys together.

Don’t rush the process; instead, take your time to research and test drive different models to find the perfect SUV to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle. After all, your SUV is not just a simple means of transportation but an extension of your family.

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