Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Paternity Lawyer




Every year, over 2 million happy people tie the knot. Sadly, in that same time period, approximately 600,000 end their relationships.

When kids are involved, it immediately changes the whole dynamic of a legal breakup. But sadly, there doesn’t need to be a marriage and divorce in the first place for these young lives to be affected. For situations without a legal bond, there is one excellent solution: hiring a paternity lawyer.

Before that, though, it’s important to understand what this type of legal official does. Let’s take a look at what a paternity attorney or lawyer can do for your family.

What Is a Paternity Lawyer?

Paternity lawyers can be confusing since the term refers to a couple of different types of law and practice. The first and most common is a father’s rights attorney in Idaho. This is a lawyer who helps the father secure favorable terms for custody or child support with his children.

A paternity lawyer can also help establish paternity. That is, whether or not a man is the genetic and/or legal guardian of certain children. A paternity lawyer can help a man avoid paying for or supporting children that aren’t his.

In other cases, a paternity lawyer is synonymous with a family lawyer. This is a legal professional who assists in general family matters, primarily divorce. As you can see, it’s important that you distinguish which type of paternity lawyer you need.

Benefit of Paternity Lawyers for Fathers

Fathers often need a paternity lawyer because the system is against them. Many fathers fail to secure custody or are slapped with onerous child support burdens. Or, the court may deny claims that the father is the genetic guardian.

How Long Does a Father Have to Establish Paternity?

A very important job for your paternity lawyer is to establish paternity within the proper timeframe. Especially for a child born out of wedlock, when there is doubt about who is the real father. In order to obtain custody, you must first prove you are the father.

In Idaho, fortunately, there is a long period to do so. The lawyer must establish paternity before your child reaches the age of majority. The age of majority is 18 years old in Idaho, the same age for adults in most states.

Adjudicated Father

So how does one get their father’s rights if they win their court case? The answer is to become an adjudicated father. This means your lawyer has won your case, and the courts decide that you are the legal paternal guardian.

Of course, an adjudicated father ruling can result even if you fight against it. Your paternity lawyer can help you strike down such a ruling if the DNA tests disagree.

Find a Paternity Lawyer for Your Case

A paternity lawyer has a couple of roles, but the primary one is fighting for the rights of the father. They can establish when someone is or is not your child. Then, the courts will determine who the adjudicated father is.

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