What Are the Methods of Christian Counseling?




For those who understand and believe in the faiths and practices of Christianity, Christian Counseling by a certified mental health professional with religious practices is a valuable tool to cure the mental health issues of the client using theology

The Association of Christian counselors defines Christian Counseling as an activity that “seeks to help people towards constructive change and growth in any and every aspect of their lives, through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries, carried out by a counselor who has a Christian worldview, values, and assumptions.”

Christian Counseling can be accessed in several ways. It can be included in a traditional therapist or mental health professional session. It can also be received by a spiritual leader such as a priest, minister pastor, etc

Methods of Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling techniques are rooted deeply in biblical wisdom, which provides the individual with a holistic approach to healing.

Some strategies that Christian Counselors employ to guide clients to emotional and spiritual well-being are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is more effective than others when integrated into Christian Counseling as it helps people process their issues about religious doubt and feelings of guilt.

Online Christian Counseling

Online Christian counseling, or faith-based counseling, is basically counseling provided by a well-educated mental health professional about Christian values and beliefs.

Online therapy offers users a convenient way to access mental health treatment while sitting at home, especially for those who live in a region that has limited access to faith-based counseling services.

Scripture Reflection

This method employs the use of scriptures to provide guidance and wisdom tailored to the needs of the individual.

Regular scripture reading outside the counseling sessions ensures spiritual nourishment.

Christian journaling

Individuals are encouraged to maintain Christian journals to document their thoughts, prayers, and reflections.

These entries in the journal should be reviewed from time to time in between counseling sessions to keep track of the spiritual and emotional progress.

Solution-focused therapy

Solution-focused therapy focuses on first identifying and then building upon a person’s strengths and the resources that can help them achieve their goals.

Like CBT, this approach is also practical in assisting individuals to make positive changes in their lives, comparable to a Christian worldview.

Bible counseling

This mode focuses on using the Bible as a guide to counsel individuals instead of the psychological theory approach. The content in the holy book is studied as an exemplification of virtuous acts.

In Bible counseling, counselors work on connecting meanings to the present world and then relate the event with the individual’s life. Christian Counseling is practiced mainly in Protestant denominations within a theological institution.

Pastoral counseling

This form of counseling is either provided by a pastor or someone who has gained graduate credentials in ministry and counseling.

Like psychotherapy, pastoral counseling occurs in a religious institution and focuses mainly on spirituality while embracing psychology.


Meditation has an extreme impact and is a crucial tool taught during counseling that is of immense help to the individual to focus on God’s grace that has blessed their life.

Meditation can also be combined with mindfulness techniques to teach the individual to be more in the present moment with God and sense a deep connection with Him.


Clergy leaders often pray before or after a Biblical counseling session, asking God to provide spiritual guidance.

Prayer can also be a good healing technique that Christians adopt to communicate with God and a sacred practice with the faith meant to connect believers with God.


In summary, Christian Counseling integrates various techniques, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to prayer and scripture reflection, aiming to provide holistic healing that aligns with Christian values, fostering spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

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