When to Use a Free VPN for Windows and How to Choose One?




Free VPN is a security technology that can be useful in various circumstances. Let’s find out when to use a free VPN for Windows and how to choose a trustworthy provider.

What Is a Free VPN?

A free VPN is a type of VPN that provides users with free access to the core functionality while limiting additional features and the number of available servers.

At the same time, a free VPN does not limit traffic or bandwidth and uses the same tunneling protocols and encryption standards.

Free VPN for Windows protects data in transit and allows users to remain anonymous online.

– A secure data channel is created for data transmission using tunneling protocols.

– All incoming and outgoing user traffic is redirected through a remote server. Thus, the user’s I.P. address is replaced by the I.P. address of the selected VPN server.

– The data is encrypted so that it cannot be read by third parties other than the user and the VPN server.

When Should You Use a Free VPN for Windows?

There are exceptional cases when a VPN will be beneficial, but cyber experts recommend using it whenever you are online. Cybercrime constantly evolves, and an extra layer of online security never hurts anyone.

However, if, for some reason, you don’t want to use the VPN all the time, here’s a list of situations where it will be helpful.

1. When You Shop Online

In such cases, a free VPN will protect your credit card details and give you access to international shopping. Your payment data will be safe thanks to data encryption and the hiding of I.P. addresses.

Did you know that many products on Amazon are sold using the dropshipping model with Chinese suppliers? This means that the seller does not have a warehouse but only takes photos and information about the product from the supplier and publishes it on marketplaces on his behalf.

When a customer purchases from such a seller online, the seller transmits the order data to the supplier, and the latter sends the goods to the customer directly. The seller receives a commission, and this is money that you could potentially save.

Suppliers most often operate from China or European countries. You could save a lot of money if you bought directly from them.

To find cheaper products, use the VPN. Connect to a remote VPN server located in another country. You can search for stores in that country and buy directly from them.

In addition, many clothing and footwear retailers have different prices for U.S. and European customers. For example, the same dress on Zara’s website will cost differently in the U.S. and Spain, the brand’s home country.

In Spain, the price will be lower. So, try different VPN servers to save money on your next online shopping and open up access to little-known local designers from European countries.

A VPN allows you to trick third parties into thinking that you are located in a particular country by displaying the I.P. address of their server instead of yours. So, you can browse the Internet as a local using a server located in France.

2. For Online Searches on Sensitive Topics

If you want to google information about a sensitive topic, you’d probably want to keep it private. A free VPN for Windows allows you to stay anonymous online by encrypting your data and redirecting it through a remote server.

So, turn on your VPN before you go to questionable websites or search for a sensitive or censored topic.

3. To Bypass Online Blocking

Most online blocking work uses the user’s I.P. address as their primary identifier. If you have been blocked on a forum or in a game, it is most likely your I.P. address that has been blocked. Simply creating a new account is not enough to restore your access. To do this, you need a new I.P. address.

With a free VPN for Windows, you can use one of five available I.P. addresses from five different VPN servers. So, connect to a VPN to restore access to blocked sites.

You can also use a VPN to access content that is geographically blocked. Some websites or content are blocked for users from the U.S. but are available for users from the U.K. If you need to view such content, use a server in the U.K.

This way, websites that track your location will see the server’s I.P. address in the U.K. and assume you are in that country. This way, you will have access to all the content available in this territory.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Free VPN?

The Internet is full of myths about free VPNs. You should know there are quality free services, but you must be selective when choosing a provider. Make your choice based on the following criteria:

  1. Encryption level. Give preference to providers that use 256-bit encryption.

2. VPN protocols. You can choose one of the modern and reliable protocols, such as OpenVPN.

3. No-Log policy. This is a policy that prohibits the provider from collecting any user data.

4. The number of servers in the free version. The more, the better. If you need access to the content of a specific country, check if there is a VPN server in that country.

5. No restrictions on the time of use and traffic.

6. Reputation of the provider. Trust only reviews in official app stores and on reputable websites.

7. Compatibility with different devices. Choose a provider that has a VPN app for Android and is compatible with Apple devices. This way, you can install the VPN on all your gadgets, and you won’t have to choose a new app if you buy an additional device.

So, a free VPN for Windows is your reliable tool for online data security. With it, you can stay anonymous, bypass online blocking, and even save money on shopping.

If you have never used a VPN before, the free version is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the technology and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different providers.

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