Who is Kwame Brown’s Wife? A Deep Dive into His Two Marriages




Some stars have little to no social media presence, so it’s often hard to learn about their personal life or relationships. Kwame Brown, the former NBA star, doesn’t share much about his life. However, his personal life has been under the microscope for a few years after his infamous custody battle with his first wife.

Though he’s now happily married with kids from his second wife, the remnants of his custody battle still spark rumors.

Here’s what we know about Kwame Brown’s wife, kids, and personal life.

Kwame Brown’s First Wife

Kwame Brown’s first wife was his high school sweetheart, Jocelyn Vaughn. Only a little is known about Brown’s first marriage, so we don’t know when the couple tied the knot. However, the marriage resulted in three kids and a messy divorce.

As expected, Vaughn found it hard to raise three kids alone after the divorce, so she filed a case against him, alleging that he was not supporting his children financially. He filed one back, and they’ve been in a battle since then with no end in sight.

The Infamous Custody Battle

In 2018, Vaughn filed a lawsuit, stating that Brown signed the children’s birth certificates and claimed them as his, but that he was letting her bear the financial cost of raising them.

She also argued that the children have only lived with her, which isn’t fair considering their father is alive and well. On top of that, she said that Brown has major investments and makes plenty of money, so he should have no problem providing for his kids and paying her own legal bills.

As a counterattack to Vaughn’s lawsuit, Kwame Brown filed another lawsuit against her, seeking joint custody of the three kids. He reported that his ex-wife’s claims were wrong and that he was supporting his daughters financially as he should.

In the lawsuit, he provided evidence that he paid a total of $52,000 in financial support and that Vaughn withdrew nearly $22,000 for her personal use. He also claimed that Vaughn is capable of paying her own legal bills from her job as a registered nurse and that his businesses are still not making him money.

To this day, the case is still open with no obvious winner, but Brown has already moved on with his life and married another.

Kwame Brown’s Second Wife

Kwame Brown’s Second Wife

Kwame Brown’s second wife is Marcia Brown. We don’t know much about her or when they got married, but we know the marriage is going happily. The couple shares a son and a daughter by the names Lauren and Kwame Jr.

Marcia works as a full-time teacher, while Brown shares NBA insights through his YouTube channel and manages his business investments. Kwame sometimes shares pictures with his wife through social media, but other than that, we know little about the couple.

Kwame Brown’s Early Life

Kwame Brown was born on the 10th of March, 1982, to Willies James Brown and Joyce Brown. We don’t know much about them, except that his father participated in the secular rights movements during the ‘60s, which was led by Martin Luther King Jr. 

On top of that, when Kwame was eight years old, his father, Willie James, went to prison and was held in custody in a North Carolina prison. We don’t know how that ended, but he’s been out of the picture since Kwame was a kid.

According to Kwame, his parents divorced when he was seven years old, and he was raised by his mother alone alongside his seven siblings. His father went to prison a year later for supposedly killing his girlfriend.

Since she was the only parental figure in his life, Kwame was very attached to his mother, and he even built her a new house when he earned enough money from basketball.

Unfortunately, Joyce Brown died in 2009 out of natural causes.

Kwame Brown’s Brief Career in the NBA


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Kwame Brown apparently had an impressive college career because he was included in the NBA draft of 2001. His first professional team was Washington Wizards, then he transferred to Los Angeles Lakers in 2005.

Though he was showing great potential before moving to the Lakers, his first season was underwhelming, and he wasn’t getting much attention.

His second season was considerably better, but he never fulfilled the potential that was expected from him. From the Lakers onward, he went on to play in plenty of NBA teams. In 2013, his career came to an end when he retired after playing his last season for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Final Words

Kwame Brown, the former NBA star, has kept his personal life relatively private. However, his custody battle with his first wife has been the subject of scrutiny. Despite the ongoing legal disputes, Brown has found happiness in his second marriage to Marcia Brown, with whom he shares two children.

Raised by his mother and faced with his father’s absence due to incarceration, Kwame’s early life was marked by challenges. Despite the ups and downs of his NBA career, including high expectations and unfulfilled potential, Brown has moved on and embraced new endeavors beyond basketball.

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