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Is your Dad in need of a special gift for Father’s Day, which falls on June 16th this year? Wasn’t your dad your first hero? He showed you how to ride your first bike. The way to fasten your shoelaces, and maybe treated you to your first glass of beer.

Whether you refer to him as Dad, Pa, or Pops, he has consistently been there to support you in times of need.  It can be difficult to find the ideal gift for a man, particularly your father, who claims to not want anything. Check out these fathers day experience gifts.

Here are 10 suggestions to make this Father’s Day even more memorable for the special man in your life:

1. Design a unique card

Creating a handmade card is the ultimate expression of love. The gesture will mean a lot to your father and he will be grateful for the time you’ve put in.

2. Watch Old Family Movies

What better way to have some fun at the end of this Father’s Day celebration than to pass around some family nostalgia? Bust out some old family films, set up a projector, and have a family movie night.

A family vacation, a wedding in the family, a barbecue, playing with your siblings when you were kids. Sure to make him smile and bring a tear to his eyes!

3. Make Your Own Dad Joke Book

Dads of all ages need to have a laugh sometimes and there are some really good (and bad) dad jokes out there.

Get yourself a little notebook and fill it with dad jokes that will bring a smile to his face. There are a ton of websites out there with some of the best and worst dad jokes around!

4. Have a Retro Video Game Night

If you’ve still got an old Nintendo, Sega Megadrive or Atari (remember those?) hidden away why not have a fun day of retro gaming?

Think Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong – it may be a blast from the past but is guaranteed to be a fun fathers day!

5. Try a New Diner Near Dads House

Locate a restaurant or pub close to your father’s home that he hasn’t tried before but offers his favorite dishes.

6. Stargaze in the Backyard

If the sky is clear then why not set up a tent, light a fire pit, and have a relaxing evening star gazing.  You can do your research and point out to him all the famous constellations and it may even prompt him to take up a new hobby.

7. Watch a Movie

Is there a movie that your father particularly likes? Create a personal movie theater at home with nachos and popcorn, watch your dad’s fave film, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

8. Prepare a Delicious Meal for Him

Is your father always the one cooking? Why not give him a break and enjoy a homemade dinner? Select a menu, match it with the perfect wine, and enjoy some special moments with your father while indulging in a homemade meal that he didn’t have to prepare!

9. Play a Board Game 

Why not invite your father to come over and play a board game or cards, just like you used to do as a child? If your father tends to work a lot, getting him to take a break and spend some time with you on a Sunday afternoon may be exactly what he requires.

It has the potential to significantly reduce his stress and could strengthen your bond more than ever.

10. Take a Stroll

If your father works hard at work, he will likely enjoy spending some quality time outdoors to breathe in the fresh air. Taking a stroll through the park can greatly improve stress levels.

Final Words

No matter what gift you choose for Father’s Day, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be lavish or costly – the focus should be on enjoying each other’s company. Time is precious and so is he.

Claire S. Allen
Claire S. Allen
Hi there! I'm Claire S. Allen, a vibrant Gemini who's as bold as my favorite color, red. I'm a fan of two cool things: strolling the streets in a red jacket and crafting articles that connect with readers. With my warm and friendly personality, Claire is sure to brighten up your day!
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