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Casino and gambling companies were itching to get their hands on the US gaming market for decades. The US is the world’s biggest economy and the world’s current superpower – but other than the gambling haven of Las Vegas, the country was largely shut off from casino gaming, up until the last decade.

At the same time, some attempts were made to turn other areas of the country into copies of Las Vegas – most notably Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although this didn’t materialize in the way many gambling companies in New Jersey had hoped, they were one of the first states to legalize online casino gaming, in 2013.

Different states, different rules

America is a vast land mass, with over four dozen states, varying economies, terrains, population sizes and attitudes to gambling. The landscape and approach to gambling have changed a lot, even within the last few years, and although sweepstakes casinos have been able to provide free-to-play sweepstakes slots games as an example, to almost all American states, traditional online casinos have faced a little more adversity when trying to get their businesses off the ground.

While some states will have stricter laws, only allowing patrons to gamble in a specific establishment or via a specific site, as of January 2024, only Utah and Hawaii have a zero-tolerance approach to gambling.

Firstly, you should check what the current landscape is wherever you are – you don’t want to dive headfirst into a game of blackjack or roulette without knowing the legislation that impacts your area.

It is one of many reasons people use sweepstakes casinos to build their knowledge of how a game works, knowing they can use in-game currencies to bet without being concerned about flouting laws or worrying about monetary loss.

Mobile app casino gaming – another big year ahead

If you enjoy shopping online, buying products ranging from healthy protein shakes to essential everyday bits, doing all your banking on your phone or browsing social media, there’s no denying that apps are in the driving seat.

Before the emergence of the iPhone just shy of 15 years ago, very few people knew what an app was or how it operated. It is one of several areas of technology that has driven phenomenal change in casino gaming.

Without the emergence of more favorable laws in the US, the industry may have hit a glass ceiling and not experienced anywhere near the profit level it now boasts.

Billions of smartphones are in use, and with so many of us spending several hours a day browsing our mobile devices, the industry’s size is simply astonishing.

As the number of people gambling on their laptops and PCs makes way for those using smartphones and tablets, game designers and casino companies are now concentrating a lot of their time and energy on developing the best mobile apps to attract bettors from all over the world.

The importance of customer service

As a US digital casino player, you’ll quickly realize that the online choice is staggering. Unfortunately, like any industry where such opportunity and profit exist, not every company is acting in your best interests, but by knowing what to look for, you’ll be able to avoid having your money tied up in second-rate companies or with those who simply want your money and have no interest in providing you with a worthwhile gambling experience.

We’ve all had to deal with customer service departments at some point; not only are they areflection of the company they represent but they are often the first impression you get of an online provider.

In casino gaming, there are dozens of reasons why you might be looking to contact customer service, ranging from verification issues to questions about your withdrawal or deposit; regardless, you want to be able to contact them quickly and have multiple options at your disposal.

If a casino gaming company has a 24/7 customer service desk where you can email, live chat or call straight away and speak to a human within a few minutes, this is the first green flag to look for.

When a provider has no phone number or live chat options or says they’ll take 24 hours to respond to a basic query via email, this is a sign that they’re likely not at the same level of slick operation that many of their competitors are.

What do the reviews say?

Opinions shouldn’t dictate your whole decision but seeking out guidance from other gamers can save you time and sometimes money.

Instead of having to sample a casino for yourself, you can expedite the process by browsing through reviews or what people have to say about a particular provider on X, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can also speak to friends or family who enjoy casino gaming to see what sites they most enjoy using.

We’d recommend that you explore a few review sites and don’t just act off the first opinion. Some reviewers, especially gambling YouTubers, may promote a specific site or game and won’t be subjective.

If you browse other reviews, especially on social media, you will begin to form an idea of the sites that stand out among the profusion of digital casinos.

Quantity or quality? Or both?

Quality over quantity is a term that can be applied to many different fields, and in casino gaming, bettors and operators see pros and cons in both. Gaming choice is essential, and if you find a casino site with a couple of dozen slots games and one roulette table, it might not signal that they’re a bad provider but it could show they’re either new to the industry or a smaller business.

Usually, you won’t have a problem. However, if you’re dealing with a small casino company and have issues with a withdrawal or want to speak to a customer service advisor, you may encounter much more difficulty than with a more prominent name.

However, this applies both ways; some sites will have thousands of slot games and dozens of tables to choose from, and the luxury of choice can be overwhelming.

Some reviewers have pointed out that a site with too many games may also just be looking to get you onto their site, unconcerned with quality control or sampling the games themselves before they put them on their platform, so it is definitely an aspect you should consider.

Promotions and bonuses

The lifeblood and foundation of a successful online casino often begins with the quality of their promotions and welcome bonuses, particularly for new customers. Some providers can trip themselves up by offering promotions to their new clientele and neglecting loyal customers, which can understandably rub people up the wrong way.

Unlike gaming choices, the more bonuses available, the better.Suppose the provider can capture the essence of casino gaming, spanning slot promotions, roulette games or free chips for poker. In that case, they’re casting the net as wide as possible to interest gamblers.

Do approach promotions cautiously, though, because the terms and conditions sometimes contain specific requirements that can become quite frustrating if you don’t read through them clearly in the first place.

Among the most prominent issues people have with bonuses are that they can only use their bonus on one particular game, or they must activate a playthrough amount before claiming their winnings.

Finding a casino that offers a cash bonus, which you can withdraw immediately if you wish or use on any game on their site, is a rare bonus but will give you a good indicator of what that company is about.

Although it is counterproductive for casino companies to misrepresent what a bonus entails, with billions of dollars of profit at stake, some subpar operators may try to pull a fast one to lure you into signing up for their service.

Shopping around

The previous section brings us nicely to this point: shopping around is encouraged – especially now there are so many areas within the US where you can access digital casino gaming.

Over the last decade, several high-profile states have passed legislation allowing citizens to play online casino games.Promotions and bonuses are aplenty, and nothing is stopping you from shopping around and getting the most out of these deals before you decide to deposit your hard-earned cash.

Weighing up what these casinos have to offer you and understanding that shopping around might net you a range of free bonuses and promotions is the golden, unspoken rule among millions of online casino gamers.


Navigating your way through such a gigantic industry isn’t something that you’ll master immediately, and the variables and components of what constitutes a top online casino can change and adapt depending on customer behavior.

Making a note of the key points, such as finding a provider with a good track record and reputation, decent customer service and a nice balance of quantity and quality, will help you find the better casinos – those that have more to offer you – matching your style and preferences.

Adhere to the specific local laws and regulations regarding online casinos, which vary by country and region.

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